Golden Triangle Tour with Tiger Safari

Golden Triangle Tour with Tiger Safari

Are you planning the Golden Triangle Tour with Tiger Safari with your friends, then you have landed on the right page. This blog post will help you provide a pre-planned tour guide for your convenience. Golden Triangle is basically a route in India that connects three cities, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.  So in this blog, there will be full details on how you can cover these cities, and explore famous destinations there along with a tiger safari without missing anything. This is going to be an 8-day trip where you can easily cover all these tourist destinations. 

Itinerary For Golden Triangle Tour with Tiger Safari

Day 1: Arrival at Delhi

The journey of your trip will start with your arrival in Delhi. To spend a night there, you can book rooms in any hotel. The next day will be the actual day to start your journey.

Day 2: Explore Delhi

Your 2nd day of the trip includes covering the famous tourist destinations in Delhi. You can start exploring with Jama Mosque which is India’s largest mosque. After that, you can visit the spice market which is famous among tourists. Because India is famous for its spices, this is the place every traveler would like to visit when they visit Delhi.  Proceed with your day 2 exploring Raj Ghat, India Gate, and Qutub Minar, the tallest stone tower in India. 

Day 3: Delhi-Agra(204 Kms/4 hrs)

Next day in the morning, which will be the third day of your trip, drive to Agra. You can start your Day 3 by visiting Red Fort. Later you can continue your trip by visiting Fatehpur Seekri. Consider visiting the Taj Mehal at the end of the day if you want to witness the extreme beauty of the monument. The reason for this is the beauty of the Taj Mahal which reaches its peak during sunsets. You will never be able to forget the picture of this majestic view in your lifetime. In your free time, you can go shopping or buy a souvenir that will always remind you of this amazing trip. 

If you find it tiresome to visit all these places in one day then you can visit the Taj Mahal the next morning. Morning time and evening time are the most appropriate to visit the monument. You can choose according to your convenience. After exploring Delhi, you can head to your hotels so that you can be prepared for the next day of the 8-day tour. 

Day 4: Agra-Ranthambore(261 Kms/7 hrs or train ride)

The fourth day of your trip is going to be the day when you proceed with your tour from Agra to Ranthambore. You can choose whether you want to continue your journey by train or you are going to drive. It depends on your choice. You can enjoy your free time or relax when you arrive at your hotel.

Day 5: Explore Ranthambore

On day 5, you will experience the moment you’ve been waiting for, the tiger safari. It’s going to be the actual moment when you’ll get to experience the Golden Triangle Tour with Ranthambore Tiger Safari. In your tiger safari tour, you’ll get to see the Royal Bengal Tigers in their natural environment.

Explore the jungles of Ranthambore in the afternoon. But don’t do it alone without a trained person with you who has specialized in this field. 

Day 6: Ranthambore-Jaipur(180 kms/3 hrs)

Next day in the morning you can visit Ranthambore Fort (UNESCO World Heritage Site in India). This fort is located in Ranthambore National Park. Situated on the top of the hill this fort is surrounded by mesmerizing views. After visiting the fort head back to your hotel rooms to relax. After lunch, you can continue with your trip. And the next destination will be Jaipur.

Day 7: Explore Jaipur

Start your day 7 by visiting Hawa Mahal. You’ll be stunned after seeing the beautiful Architecture of the monument. This Monument is an example of our rich culture. After that, you can visit  Amber Fort. 

After lunch, you can stroll through Jaipur streets to experience local culture and explore Jantar Mantar. This place will allow you to explore the astronomical tools that our ancient researchers used. 

Day 8: Jaipur-Delhi(258 Kms/5 hrs)

You can enjoy your leisure time on the morning of the next day. The day when your exploring journey of  Golden Triangle Tour with Tiger Safari ends. In the afternoon, travel to Delhi. 

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