Good Toupee vs. Bad Toupee: Here Are The Major Differences

In the past decade, hair toupee products have budded out into popularity as a modern non-surgical hair loss solution in many countries with people attaching more importance to their personal appearance. This consequently led to a rapid growth in the number of hair toupee suppliers that are eager to get the most out of this highly lucrative industry. Hair toupees of differing quality and class are intermingled across the market and it is getting more and more challenging for both the distributors and the wearers to distinguish the good toupees from the mediocre or bad toupees. Unlike many other types of products, of which the quality and superiority are highly correlated with their prices, it is far not as simple to tell whether certain hair toupees for men are good or bad just from how much they are worth, because there is a combination of factors that together shape the desirability of such hair toupees. No matter you are a men’s toupee distributor or a consumer of men’s toupee products, what is going to be rolled out will be equally valuable and relevant to you, since being able to understand what good toupees for men really mean matters significantly to some important aspects of your life.

Good Toupee VS Bad Toupee


How natural-looking and realistic the hair toupee appears on the wearers’ head always remains the most crucial factor to take into account. As opposed to hair wigs for women that are worn mostly for fashionable and aesthetic purposes, hair toupees are designed for men who have the need to hide their hair loss of many kinds to present a full hair look. So men’s toupees are worn for a much more practical purpose. With that said, it is not hard to understand that none of those men’s toupee users would like to wear a toupee that gives away the fact that the hair on the head is not their own hair. Whatever kind of hair toupee they are going to buy, it has to be natural-looking enough to make it as if they were not wearing anything on the head while being totally satisfied with the way their hair looks. What accounts for whether a toupee for men appears natural and realistic can be broken down into the following points:

Base Material

The material that is used to produce the base of men’s toupees usually makes a big difference in how natural the toupee looks.
On the men’s toupee market, the good ones that sell really well mostly come with a base that is made of thin skin thinner than 0.1mm or French lace or monofilament combined with thin skin and lace. These materials generally have no problem delivering an undetectable appearance when complemented with natural-looking hair. For thin skin material, it is usually the case that the thinner the skin, the more undetectable it appears and it starts to look noticeable from 0.1mm upward. As to the lace material, the very most common type has been French lace, followed by Swiss lace. Both laces are neatly woven with extremely thin and soft threads to appear highly hidden beneath the hair. In contrast, the base of bad toupees is commonly made from either skin material thicker than 0.1mm or other types of lace material woven by thicker and harder threads, which explains why they do not appear as realistic as the good ones.

•  Hair Type

What type of hair gets knotted onto the base is highly relevant to the degree of naturalness of men’s toupees as well. To save the cost, there has been some men’s toupee suppliers adopting cheaper artificial hair or even animal hair as their raw hair material. While such types of hair are sometimes used for certain kinds of hair wig products, they are way not the best options for men’s toupees that are supposed to mimic people’s natural hair. So the hair being 100% real human hair is an indispensable prerequisite to be able to qualify for being called a “good toupee”. Such hair is usually gathered from the donor’s head and goes through certain processing before being knotted onto the base one after another. In comparison to artificial hair or animal hair, aside from looking more realistic and feeling smoother, real human hair is less susceptible to color change and breakage. The most common type of human hair widely adopted in manufacturing has been Indian hair, followed by Chinese hair and European hair. Read the blog synthetic hair vs. human hair to learn more about the differences between them.

• Hair Density

Hair density is a measurement of the hair volume of a hair toupee. The higher the density, the more hair there is on the toupee.
Hair density of men’s toupees is usually classified into different levels to cater to the needs of different groups of people whose own natural hair density and age vary. Wearers always want a toupee with a hair density that is closest to the density of their own hair for the most natural blend of hair. For stock toupees for men, the hair density should be consistent across the base, they would not be seen as good toupees when there exists a remarkable inconsistency in the hair density among different areas of the toupee. As long as the degree of inconsistency is large enough to a point that can make the hair appear somewhat strange and awkward, it would be fair to call it a “bad toupee”.

• Front Hairline

For men’s toupee wearers, the front hairline is undoubtedly the area that is most likely to give away you are wearing a toupee given how noticeable it is.
So the front area of such good toupees must be naturally presented with a contour that highly mimics men’s own natural hairline. The hair strands along the hairline should be neatly and evenly knotted onto the base. So the front area of such good toupees must be naturally presented with a contour that highly mimics men’s own natural hairline. The hair strands along the hairline should be neatly and evenly knotted onto the base. Also, a messy way of knotting the hair at front is no less likely to make the front hairline look fake by not leaving a very accentuated border. So when purchasing men’s toupees, it is especially important for you to pay more attention to how the front is presented before making up your mind. Check out the most often used techniques and skills to create a natural hairline for hair systems at New Times Hair.

►Toupee Quality & Workmanship

Next to the naturalness of men’s toupees, one can also judge whether a toupee is good or bad toupees by its production quality and workmanship. The good toupees are nearly free of any significant product defects whereas the bad toupees come with some hidden problems that do not bode well for your future use. There are typically two aspects to look into concerning the quality and workmanship of toupees for men.

• Toupee Base

The base of good toupees should firstly feel acceptable to the wearers without causing any kinds of discomfort such as itchiness and stuffiness. Such kinds of discomfort are kept at bay has the base been manufactured following the right production standard. So after putting on your hair toupee, how your scalp feels is a strong indicator of whether it qualifies as a good toupee. If you feel any kind of discomfort, it is advised to ask the seller for a replacement or refund. Apart from the feel, how resistant the toupee is to damages and wrinkling counts as another factor accounting for base quality. Most hair toupees on the market come with a lifespan ranging from 2 to 6 months, dependent mainly on their base design and hair ventilation method. Toupees that fall short of their lifespan due to damages not caused by improper use are generally considered inferior goods. With that said, it makes sense that this is not something you could tell from the beginning as the problems tend to surface at later times.

• Toupee Hair

Just as important as toupee base, the hair of men’s toupees remains another aspect by which one can tell the quality of a toupee.
Men’s Toupee: HS7 | New Times Hair For those good toupees, 100% real human hair that is carefully sourced and processed is always employed for the production. Such kind of hair has a very fine touch as well as a natural appearance, aside from being very strong and consistent throughout. On the other hand, these hairs are tightly knotted onto the base to prevent hair shedding, which further guarantees a desirable lifespan of the toupee. As opposed to the good ones, the hair of bad toupees can feel somewhat coarse and come with a lack of luster. The hair knots can get loose over time and end up with hair fall or breakage. When buying men’s toupees, aside from just judging by their look and feel, you could also test the hair quality by gently pulling the hair to see if any hair shedding would take place.


Ok, the above basically covers the very crucial points by which you can distinguish good toupees for men from bad toupees. Keeping them in mind when buying men’s toupees will undoubtedly serve your own interest whether you are buying them for yourself or for your customers if you are running a hair toupee business! In the effort of helping our partners thrive in the men’s toupee industry, New Times Hair is always dedicated to producing top-class human hair replacement products of various kinds. At New Times Hair, you will get very generous offers for the best men’s toupees that have been spoken highly of by all our partners!