3 Hand-Picked Google Review Widget Tools For 2022

google review widget

Competition in the market is fierce, and consumers are spoilt for choices. And hence to survive in this contest, brands are looking to adopt new strategies to gather more customers and reach business goals. 

Hence, we are witnessing a trend where businesses opt to embed Google review widget on the website. We all know the importance of reviews for customers, and as Google reviews stand as the most trusted review platform, businesses are looking to display them on websites.

What Is Google Review Widget?

Trust is an important factor for businesses in achieving sales. And businesses can win the trust of any consumer by proving their credibility. And this is where Google reviews come to the rescue. Google reviews can act as a helping hand to establish a brand by proving its credibility. So, where it is important to collect reviews, it is equally important to showcase them. And this is where the Google review widget comes into play.

Google review widget is a functional block on the website, that enables to display of Google reviews. And as you can place the widget anywhere on your website, it helps consumers to make their purchase decisions.

Various tools on the internet provide you with the facility to showcase Google reviews using the Google review widget. And in this blog, we will be discussing the 3 best tools that are currently available in the market and provide great results.

Best Google Review Widget That Can Take Your Business To New Heights in 2022

As mentioned above, there are various tools available on the internet that provides you with the solution. But for your convenience, we have listed the 3 best tools. These tools are effective, economical, and time-saving. In summary, these tools stand out as the best as per examination. So without any further delay, let’s learn about them.

1. Tagembed Widget


Tagembed is a well-known social media aggregator, which is popular because of its smooth working and pocket-friendly pricing plans. Moreover, it is compatible with 18+ social media platforms making it one of the premier tools of its category. 

The tool helps collect, curate, customize, and display social media feeds from the desired social media platform on the website. It provides a dedicated Google review widget that you can add to your website and showcase Google reviews with ease. All you have to do is, collect Google reviews using this tool, generate the embedding code and paste it on the backend of the website. And that is it, with a few simple steps, you can own a website that displays Google reviews.

Other than easing the embedding process, it provides the following features that add great value to this tool.

Customization – This enables you to make desired modifications to the widget. Here you can change the font size, font style, widget background color, and more. 

Theme and layouts – The tool provide ample options to choose from various themes and layouts. You can select the one that best suits the style of your website.

Moderation – This provides you with full control over the widget. Here you can show/hide reviews as per your choice. You can use it wisely and remove all irrelevant and misleading reviews.

Custom CSS, custom CTA button, and analytics and some of the other major features of the website out of many.

2. Review-Widget


As the name suggests, this tool is specially made for showcasing reviews on the website. Here you can choose the Google review widget and embed it on your website. The tool is simple to use, and with some simple embedding code, you can easily display reviews on your website.

The tool is compatible with all major website building platforms, making your embedding process hassle-free. 

Highlighted features :

Widget options: Google reviews provide great options and facilities for the users to upload their reviews, hence, the tool provides a wide variety of widget options. For example, you can choose a small badge widget to showcase the rating of your brand/product.

Analytics: It helps you to know about the performance of your widget. By analyzing the results you can make further marketing strategies.

3. Social Proofed


Social Proofed makes the embedding process simple by providing easy solutions for displaying reviews on the website. In addition, it creates a link between your website and Google My Business account which can also help you in building a review cycle. 

With customization features, you can add charm to the widget and make it eye-catching. And with multiple layouts and templates, you can add grace to your website. You can find this tool easily on the internet and operate it like a pro.

Summing It Up

It is severely important to prove reliability to the customers to enhance the chance of getting sales. While it is important to get reviews for the business by opting to embed Google reviews on the website, you can bring these reviews to a conclusion that is of displaying to the target audience. So try these tools now, and take your business to new heights in 2022.