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We have a ridiculous amount of resources available in comparison to the size of our community.
We have a small-town feel, with access to almost all of the educational experiences, culture and leisure activities you could want.
I see mental health as our biggest challenge.
Access has always been an issue, with long waits to plug into counseling services, as well as lack of insurance partnerships.
Postpartum depression is common and only more recently being talked about publicly. We will rarely post more than 20 pictures in a gallery.
If I choose to say “yes” to anything, it means I have also decided to say “no” to something else.
That might be a work commitment, volunteer opportunity, or my time for family or sleep.
There is always a consequence to saying “yes.
I find my role models both within as well as outside of medicine.
My late father taught me that determination and commitment to problem solving are essential to goal-setting, while my mother taught me that sometimes you need to stop and pause, recognizing that the world will surely continue without you.
My husband and three beautiful daughters remind me daily to stop and enjoy the moments, live in the present.
And so many of my friends and patients have helped me see that it really is ok to not be ok sometimes.
COVID has increased the number of patients I see who are dealing with mental health illness.
It is happening is all age groups, all social and economic classes.
We need to stop the stigma and support one another.
Most days vary depending on my appointment schedule and what is going on in the market.
Before the market opens, I tend to get my market research and current events reading done.