The Guest Post is a fairly efficient resource in a content strategy. Guest posts increase the authority of a domain and allow you to reach new audiences.

Of the services offered by Digital Agencies,  Content Marketing is one of the strategies adopted internally with the highest investment rates.This is perceived when we evaluate both the so-called traditional agencies  (63%)  and digital agencies  (75%) , according to The Investigation Panorama of digital agencies.Content  really is king,  as we’ve already said here. However, if your agency does not have that differential, this is the time to review your strategy.

After all, we’re always looking to improve our results, right?

In addition, in Guest articles we learn that content is a great attraction and it does not make sense to offer it to your clients and not apply it in your own business.

You need to understand what you offer and be your main incentive, or better yet, an example of success so that there are no doubts when you are hired.

How to choose a partner for Guest Posts?

The first step to take is to analyze what your agency’s knowledge and challenges are . From there, you can decide who to invite to the Posts.

And, in this case, you already have good options both with your own clients and with your Agency’s partner blogs.

However, pay close attention now as it will be crucial to your strategy. Choosing a bad partner can nullify all the work done. To avoid this it is necessary:

Understand the Agency’s expertise

Find out the topics that your team masters and that can become the first messages of Guest Posts.


Collect some names of clients and partners of the Agency

Enjoy your client list and of course partners! They can be critical to the success of your Guest Post. Always remember to take into account the  person  for whom your content will be produced, they must show interest in the topics that your agency will address.

Look for blogs and sites that talk about topics close to those that your Agency deals with

Another factor that makes all the difference is to look for sites and blogs that have  materials with similar themes  to the ones you write about. And if there is a similarity in the subject of influences,  surely the public  of the blog or web page will also have it even more.

If the people in the agency share the same problems and goals, the more possibilities you have to conquer them.

Evaluate domain and page authority

In the case of the domain, the parameters that must be measured to determine the  quality  of one are  Domain Authority  and  Page  Authority .

Both parameters range from 0 to 100 and finding sites with good ratings is essential to the success of your Guest Post.

After finding the sites that have all the characteristics we listed, the next step is to identify what is the  strength and relevance  of these domains. The best way to find out is to use some  SEO  tools like  MOZbar ,  SEMrush  , and  Search Metrics  .

Those tools will help you understand what is the strength of the domain you are trying to get links from.

Having a link from you pointing to their strong domain site means that you will improve your rankings in Google . However, a weak field may not help you much.

Know the traffic of the website or blog

Checking if the domain you will publish has a  large and engaged audience  is one of the most important factors, because, as we have already discussed here, we want to reach a new audience with the Guest Post.


The next step is to contact the chosen partner. If you are a client of the Agency this process will be easier, but if it is a new partner, make sure that this first contact is in the best possible way, after all, the first impression is important. For this case:

Write in a personalized way;

It is good that you know who you are sending the email to and pay attention to the tone used in the conversation;

Also, remember to tell a little more clearly about your agency and highlight the advantages that both of you would have with the Guest Post.


evaluate proposal

  • When choosing, keep in mind:
  • If there are size limitations;
  • If there is an ideal format requirement for the content;
  • The way that the promotion of the content will be done;
  • If there is a limitation of topics.

Is there an exact time to propose a Guest Post?

There is no magic formula to determine this. However, there are some signs that warn of good opportunities. So stay tuned:

If a company page mentions your agency on social media;

If a blog indicates your product, service or name in a post;

Also, if a blog links you to their domain in a post;

If a blog publishes another Guest Post.

Perhaps one of these moments is the most convenient to send your proposal. Take advantage of your agency’s expertise to produce content and your client letter to propose Guest Posts.

How to produce a Guest Post?

With the theme and partner defined, it’s time to put the strategy into practice and start writing. Remember that you want to conquer this new reader, therefore, your text must have  quality  and, again,  convey value to those who are reading it .

To help you in this process, we are going to list some production steps to follow:

content planning

Even after the Agency’s analysis and with the chosen theme, it is not difficult to remind yourself that like any content Marketing strategy, the Guest Post also needs  a well-defined goal before being produced .

And, to get to this, it is necessary to take into account that the guest  is not an access for the direct growth of your blog, much less, a quick way to reach the first place in the search.

Therefore, do not forget to plan your strategy for Guest posts. So, you can  guarantee online visibility in a predictable way .

produce good content

No propaganda, huh? The Guest Post is not a place to talk directly about the products or services provided by your agency. It is very common for people to get confused and make explicit advertisements in Guest Posts. Don’t do it, okay?

It is important that you know that  if you produce good content and that it is related to the given topic, people will naturally look for more information about your agency.  Without you needing to advertise.

Write relevant content  according to the previously chosen topic for the blog or website that will be published. If, for example, a more informal tone is used for the chosen blog or site, do so in your post. 

Keep in mind that good content will always be  relevant to the reader, as it will establish authority and pass value .

Use links sparingly

The external links present in the Guest Post go directly to your blog or website. They will be responsible for bringing new visitors to your domain.

However, both the links to your site and the content must have  quality and quantity , but never in a proportion that harms the other.


Insertion of a CTA-

Commitment is one of the most important objectives for those who produce Content Marketing. And it can be promoted through the  calls to action  at the end of the text, which should vary depending on the subject of the content, type of person and purchase scenario one finds.

A good CTA example could tell visitors to “Click” a link from another blog post and increase the chances of conversion or even offer an e-book that is related to the topic of the post.

As you have seen, associations can be created through Guest Posts and new visitors can be won over. In addition to improving the positioning of your page in Google search.

Did you like learning more about Guest Posts? Then check out our Marketing Calendar Kit, so you can plan your actions with guest blogging!