Guide to Keeping your Boat Healthy

Having a boat can be an exciting and thrilling experience. The adventurous challenge combined with the ultimate relaxation of a boat journey makes the entire boat ownership an immersive experience. What if we told you that you could establish a side business with your boat? Wondering where to get your customers? 

An online venue for private yacht rental Toronto can help. Having a boat sometimes can be expensive since you need to spend on timely maintenance. 

How To List Your Boat On An Online Rental Venue?

However, when you rent your boat to travel enthusiasts, tourists and locals interested in a boat trip, you can cover your maintenance expense and still have extra cash at your hand.  

So how do you list your vessel on an online rental venue? Follow a few easy steps:

  • Create your account on the online rental venue
  • List your watercraft on the portal by giving an appropriate description and uploading high-quality images. 
  • Directly connect with potential clients/customers who want to rent a boat Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver through an in-built messaging app. 
  • Manage your enquiry and booking through interactive and user-friendly dashboards. 
  • Connect with the customers directly through personal contact information once the booking is confirmed and payment is made in full. 
  • Don’t forget to describe and rate your experience once the trip is over. 

And that’s it! However, to ensure you always receive good reviews from customers and it’ll also provide numerous business opportunities, you’ll need to care for your boat. 

So, what can you do?

3 Ways To Keep Your Boat Healthy

Go For Dry Storage Whenever Possible

While dry storage can be more expensive, it can substantially increase the lifespan of your boat. Dry boat marinas allow you to have easy accessibility for maintenance. It also prevents potential water damage. 

For dry storage, your vessel requires to be lifted out of the water and parked in the dry dockyard. Therefore, when choosing a dry marina or mooring center, ensure they’re equipped with a crane or other lifting mechanism. 

When you want to get maintenance work done, such as painting the vessel body or replacing the propellor, it is much easier to operate and work in dry conditions. 

Although expensive, when you opt for dry storage, your vessel will retain the original luster and glamour for longer years. And a shiny, glamorous, pristine vessel never fails to attract the attention of potential renters on an online venue for boat and kayak rental Toronto

Also, you don’t need to hunt for separate storage in the winter months. In case your budget isn’t flexible, you can go for freshwater or saltwater storage. 

Don’t Skip The Regular Boat Maintenance Schedule.

Just like your regular car servicing and maintenance, your watercraft also requires some tender care and pampering. Schedule monthly checks for your vessel at an authorized boat maintenance center. 

If you frequently rent out your watercraft for charter tours such as fishing charter Toronto or private yacht tours in Vancouver, regular checkups are always beneficial and even enhance your booking rate. Everybody wants a clean, smooth and safe boating experience. 

Schedule regular professional examination of all of the vessel parts, both interior and exterior, while cleaning. For a successful rental business, your boat should be presentable and neat.

Track Your Boat’s Maintenance 

Just like you safely store your health records and medical files, you need to track your boat’s checkup and health. Once you begin a general inspection of your watercraft, it is recommended to keep track using a diary, spreadsheet, or app system and enter the dates of each revision. 

This is essential. After all, you don’t want to pour your earnings from the rental business to change parts all the time because you are unsure if you have done it previously. This doesn’t just help in recordkeeping but also enables you to observe the progress of your investment.

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