Having a happy baby


The art of keeping the baby happy and quiet is understandably difficult. It is not that the parents are not doing their due, but you must understand that crying is the way baby signals distress. 

Whereas the crying subsides often after they are fed or their diaper is changed, it so may happen that the heart wrenching cries continue still. 

It can also be the case that the baby has some problem like gas, rash, colic that is causing them distress which the parents are unable to locate, and thus the intervention of a Child specialist in Lahore is required. 

It also helps to have some soothing tips up your sleeve, so that you have a game plan to have your baby happy as best as possible. 

Some things to do in this endeavor include:

Cuddle them 

Imagine being in a warm, quiet place, and then be jutted out in the world. The noise, the lights, and everything in it can be daunting. That is exactly how your baby feels. 

So, to make them happy and reassure them, cuddle them. You can try gentle stroking motion or try massages or rubbing; whatever resonates with your baby. 


Skin-to-skin contact is also reassuring for the baby. It helps the baby connect better with the parents and might also then calm them. Ideal way to incorporate skin-to-skin contact is by breastfeeding. 

However, even if you are not breastfeeding, you can simply lay the baby on your bare chest. Your heartbeat gives them comfort. 

Give them love 

Babies, like us, need love. They need to feel the comforting touch from their parents. So, keep them close by. Give them a cuddle or a hug. They need to feel their parents’ presence; establish eye contact with them. 

Babies also need to be assured that you are hearing them. So, when they cry, respond immediately to their cries of distress. Since they can identify your scent, if you are leaving them for a while, you can then leave your shirt or something similar that carries your scent, so they do not panic. 

Pacifier is okay 

Sometimes, the baby does not want to be fed, but just needs to suckle, which also help them relax. Hence, do invest in a pacifier. Whereas they are also fine gnawing on a clean finger, but let’s just get a binky instead. 

Sleep is important 

We, as adults, tend to get grumpy when we are groggy, so why should it be any different for the babies?

When they are tired and in dire need to sleep, they will cry and be anything but happy. Therefore, always give precedence to your baby’s sleep. Work on setting a schedule and work your life around it. 

Talk to them 

Your baby cannot understand you, but you talking to them helps them recognize that they have your attention. Your voice is soothing to them as well. 

White noise 

Loud noises can not only startle the baby but cause them distress as well. Hence, try to keep the noises as bay. While it is not possible all the time, you can try to muffle the impact of the noise by using white noise. 

Soothing swishing sounds that mimic the rhythm of the amniotic fluid are the best. It helps baby reconnect to the time when it was safe in the womb. However, make sure the device is not kept too close to the baby, and the noise is not too loud as to affect the hearing of the baby. 

Ascertain source of distress 

Your baby might be crying due to not lack of love and attention, but because of their condition. Hence, try to ascertain if they have some outward problem like fever, clothing issue, leaky diaper etc. If the bouts of crying are not subsiding no matter what you do, then you should consult your Child specialist in Islamabad.