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Share some HCNA-Cloud H13-511_V5.0 exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following descriptions about cloud computing is wrong?
A. Support users to use multiple devices to use cloud resources through the network
B. Using the software-defined method, the data fault tolerance is not high
C. It has the characteristics of on-demand self-service and meterable services
D. The bottom layer can use virtualization technology to improve resource utilization
Answer: B

3.Which of the following descriptions about Huawei FusionCompute HA is wrong?
A. The system periodically checks the status of the virtual machine. When the failure of the CNA host causes the failure of the virtual machine, the system can migrate the virtual machine to other CNA hosts in the cluster and restart it to ensure that the virtual machine can recover quickly.
B. If the data of the virtual machine is saved in the shared storage, the unsaved data will not be lost when a failure occurs
C. The administrator can set different HA policies according to the importance of the virtual machine.
D. This function supports automatic restart after a virtual machine failure
Answer: A

Which of the following descriptions about Libvirt components is wrong?
A. Both KVM and Xen can call the api provided by Libvirt to manage the virtualization platform
B. Libvirt is a set of library functions that are called by other technologies to manage the virtual machine on the machine
C. Libvirt provides programming interfaces in multiple languages. You can directly call the external interface provided by Libvirt to operate the virtual machine through programming.
D. Libvirt is a closed source project, it is a very powerful management tool
Answer: D

Which of the following descriptions about KVM is correct?
A. KVM is a hardware-assisted virtualization
B. KVM is a closed-source virtualization technology
C. KVM is a virtual machine on Linux.
D. KVM uses front-end and back-end architectures to realize virtualization
Answer: D

Which of the following is not an optional function item in the step of creating a template in FusionAccess Tindows Installer?
A. Enable the firewall configuration function
B. Install Personalized Data Management
C. Enable third-party Gina certification
D. Turn on Logout Restore
Answer: D

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