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Share some HCIA-Datacom H12-811_V1.0 exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following statements about static routing is wrong?
A. Manual configuration by the network administrator
B. Routing information needs to be exchanged between routers
C. Cannot automatically adapt to changes in network topology
D. Low system performance requirements
Answer: B

In VRP operating platform, which of the following commands can only view static routes?
A. display IP routing-table
B. display IP routing-table statistics
C. display IP routing-table verbose
D. display IP routing-table protocol static
Answer: D

Which of the following are not open interfaces for Huawei network equipment?
Answer: A

Which statements are correct about the transport layer protocol? (Multiple choice)
A. The establishment of a TCP connection is a three-way handshake, and the termination of a TCP connection requires a four-way handshake.
B. UDP uses the SYN and ACK flags to request and confirm the establishment of a connection
C. The range of well-known port numbers is 1-1023
D. UDP is suitable for transmitting delay-sensitive traffic and can be reorganized according to the sequence number field in the message header
Answer: AC

What is the main function of the DNS protocol?
A. File transfer
B. Remote access
C. Domain name resolution
D. Mail transmission
Answer: C


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