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What are the ways for NG WDM equipment to create optical fibers? (Multiple choice)
A. Search method
B. Graphical way
C. Synchronization method
D. Form method
Answer: ABD

There are many factors affecting the transmission distance in the NG WDM system, which of the following will not affect the transmission distance?
A. Optical line dispersion
B. OSC independent monitoring channel
C. Optical line loss
D. Fiber nonlinear effects
Answer: B

In the WDM transmission system, which main factors that affect the unevenness of the power balance of each channel not include? (Multiple choice)
A. The non-uniformity of the insertion loss of each channel of the multiplexer/demultiplexer
B. The main channel adjustable optical attenuator setting is unreasonable
C. High attenuation of optical cable
D. EDFA gain unevenness
Answer: ABD

Which of the following descriptions about the connection of NG WDM equipment to the network management computer is wrong?
A. The network management computer can be connected directly or through a local area network, depending on the situation
B. If the connection mode of the subrack is the master-slave mode, the network management computer must be connected to the main subrack.
C. The IP addresses of all network elements must be in the same address segment as the IP address of the network management computer.
D. Only the gateway NE needs to be connected to the network management computer.
Answer: C

Which of the following protection methods belong to NG WDM optical layer protection? (Multiple choice)
A. Client side 1+1 protection
B. Optical line protection
C. ODUk SNCP protection
D. 1+1 protection in the board
Answer: ABD

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