Healing and Hope: Brother Ronnie Makabai’s Ministry Provides Comfort and Support to Those in Need


Brother Ronnie Makabai is a simple and humble man who loves and serves Jesus Christ. He was born on 26th July 1972 in Uganda and has spent the last 20 years serving as a televangelist and born-again Christian pastor. Brother Ronnie is a man of faith and has been associated with famous personalities such as Uebert Angel, Shepherd Bushiri, TB Joshua, and Pastor Chris.

Brother Ronnie is an academic achiever, and he holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mass Communication, a Ph.D. in Theology, and a ThD (Doctorate of Theology). He has worked diligently to establish himself as a spiritual leader who focuses on the supernatural power of God, faith, salvation, and kingdom wealth. Additionally, he has established several projects to support the less fortunate members of society.

In May 2006, Brother Ronnie founded the Evangelical Truth Ministries International Church. He has since rebranded the church into Holy City Entebbe, which has helped him reach more people. In May 2015, he established Christ FM 91.6 and ArkTV Uganda, aiming to spread his message to a larger audience.

Brother Ronnie is a man with a purpose, and he has dedicated his life to spreading the love of God for humanity. He believes we all have a role in fulfilling our God-given purpose. His teachings focus on helping people live a fulfilled and purpose-driven life by doing what God has sent them to do.

Brother Ronnie’s ministry has made a significant difference in the world. He regularly reaches out to different countries to offer support to those in need. For instance, he has provided food supplies to Kenya and Tanzania and clothes and food to the slums of Uganda. Brother Ronnie believes that acts of humanity, such as giving, are essential in fulfilling God’s purpose.

One of the reasons why people should read about Brother Ronnie is that he hosts thrilling TV shows filled with manifestations of God’s power through great miracles and wonders. His shows inspire people to believe in God and trust that anything is possible with Him. Brother Ronnie’s ministry is one of the few that offers a blend of spiritual and physical support to the community.

Brother Ronnie’s focus on the supernatural power of God is one of the core reasons why his ministry has gained immense popularity. He has touchedmany people’s lives, and his followers testify to the impact of his teachings. One of the key tenets of Brother Ronnie’s ministry is faith. He believes that it is through faith that people can connect with God and tap into His supernatural power.

The Holy City Entebbe is an excellent example of Brother Ronnie’s ministry. It offers hope and healing to those who need it the most. The church has provided comfort and support to the less fortunate. The church’s programs focus on helping people achieve their aspirations and goals by providing them with the necessary tools and resources.

In conclusion, Brother Ronnie Makabai’s ministry offers healing and hope to those in need. He is a man of faith who has dedicated his life to serving God and helping others. His ministry has made a significant difference in the world, and he continues to inspire people to have faith and trust in God. Brother Ronnie’s teachings on the supernatural power of God, faith, salvation, and kingdom wealth are enlightening, and they offer a practical guide to living a fulfilled and purpose-driven life.