Healthy Chicken Recipe for Smoking Food in an Offset Smoker


Smoking food in an offset smoker is a great way to achieve a delicious, smoky flavor for your favorite recipes. It’s also a healthier alternative to deep-frying or grilling that requires less oil and fat. One of our favorite recipes to smoke in an offset smoker is chicken. The combination of the smoky flavor with the succulent texture of the chicken makes it a hit with everyone!

What is an  Offset Smoker

An offset smoker is a type of smoker that uses indirect heat to cook food. The heat source (usually charcoal or wood) and the cooking chamber are separate, with air flowing in between them. 


This means that the heat is not directly applied to the food, which allows for slower and more even cooking. Offset smokers are popular among experienced backyard chefs because they give greater control over the cooking environment, allowing you to create unique flavor combinations. 


With careful manipulation of temperature, humidity levels, fuel sources, and smoke intensity, an offset smoker can be used to produce delicious meals like brisket and pulled pork. 


However, due to their large size and complexity, these smokers require skillful setup and operation in order to achieve optimum results. If you’re looking for an outdoor cooking experience that gives you creative control, an offset smoker is a great option.

Offset Smoker Varieties


Offset smokers are available in a range of sizes and designs. Small ones are ideal for those with limited outdoor space or who cook only occasionally, while larger models can be used to feed large groups. 


They also come in vertical and horizontal varieties, which offer different levels of convenience and performance. Whichever type you choose, make sure it has good air circulation and insulation so that the heat remains consistent throughout the cooking process. 


Additionally, look for one with adjustable grates or shelves so you can keep foods at different temperatures while they smoke. And if possible, opt for a model with easy-to-read thermometers so you can closely monitor the temperature of your food.


For those who are serious about smoking, an offset smoker is a great investment. With proper maintenance and care, these smokers can last for decades. 


Plus, they’re an excellent way to add unique flavor to your meals while taking advantage of all that nature has to offer. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, investing in an offset smoker can be a great addition to your outdoor cooking routine. So if you’re ready to take your grilling game up a notch, look into getting one today! 


Healthy Chicken Recipe for Smoking Food in an Offset Smoker

To get started, you’ll need some fresh ingredients; 


  • we recommend organic chicken pieces (thighs, breasts, wings). 
  • You’ll also need your choice of rub spices and seasonings; 
  • we suggest garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, chili powder, brown sugar, pepper and salt.

Next Recipe Steps

  • Combine all the rub ingredients in a bowl and mix well. 
  • Rub generously onto chicken pieces, making sure to cover every surface for maximum flavor.
  • Place the rubbed chicken pieces on a baking tray and place in the refrigerator for at least an hour or overnight to let the flavors develop further.
  • When you’re ready to smoke your chicken, fire up your offset smoker according to instructions. 
  • Smoke your chicken at low heat (around 225°F) until the internal temperature reaches 165°F. 
  • This should take around two hours depending on size of the chicken pieces.


Once done smoking, remove from smoker and enjoy! With this recipe you can achieve a flavorful, smoky taste without having to sacrifice taste or health. Enjoy!