Healthy Tips in the Midst of Diseases and Uncertain Weather


PANDEMIC Covid-19 which is still ongoing, the onslaught of various diseases typical of unpredictable weather in recent times, and the recent emergence of the Marburg virus outbreak in Africa.

Not to mention the added hectic daily activities, making us obliged to make extra efforts to stay healthy and fit. Remembering pain is expensive right? Compiled from various sources, Friday (17/2/2023) the following are tips for keeping the body healthy amidst the onslaught of various diseases and uncertain weather, in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

1. Get enough rest: Very important but often overlooked by many people. The human body needs to rest optimally, as simple as being able to sleep well. For people who don’t get enough sleep every night, the chances of getting sick, such as fever, colds, or something else, will be greater.


The immune system releases cytokines during sleep, acting as messenger proteins to fight inflammation and disease. Well, the body needs more protein when sick or stressed.

2. Manage stress; Life cannot be separated from stress, the key is that we must be able to manage this stress well. Because emotions are not controlled and the pressure that exists can indeed trigger stress, eventually affecting the health of the body. Even long-term stress has the opportunity to increase inflammation, as well as an imbalance in immune cell function! Manage stress with meditation, exercise, and positive thinking.

3. Stop smoking and alcohol: Quoting the P2PTM page of the Ministry of Health, it is stated that smoking can indeed increase the risk of infection (certainly), and will exacerbate complications due to Covid-19 infection. Smoking can reduce levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body, while excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can increase total cholesterol levels.


4. Vaccination: One of the best tips for having an optimal immune system or antibodies, especially for infections like Covid-19. Vaccination for Covid-19, aims to form antibodies so that they can reduce the risk of fatality to minimize emergencies from Covid-19 infection.

But, not only is the Covid-19 vaccination important, ideally you should also get other vaccinations such as the nifluenza vaccine, cervical cancer (HPV), and others.