Here’s What Makes SAINIK 710 A Steal Deal!


It is very often that you get every piece of furniture made from scratch because you want durability and strength for your furniture. For making furniture, at the start, the first thing you would require is plywood. It is the most important thing, and a lot of things have to be considered while you buy plywood. Sainik 710 has got everything sorted for their customers. They are easily accessible at similar prices while being cost-effective. There is no compromise with the quality in the case of Sainik 710.

Listed below are a few reasons why Sainik 710 is the best choice for plywood-

  • Durability

The first benefit of Sainik 710 BWP grade plywood has to be its durability. While getting your furniture made, you only want to go for plywood that is cost-effective as well as which is of the best quality. Because making the furniture from scratch is not an everyday thing, you need to make sure that the material used is of top quality, so Sainik 710 is the solution to all your plywood related problems.

Sainik 710 is extremely weather resistant. When you choose the highest grade plywood, making furniture is ideally a one-time task. Plywood with the appropriate waterproofing treatments is not only long-lasting but also economical. The elegance of your house may be taken away in minutes by ageing and warped furniture, making it appear lifeless. Select top quality plywood to achieve agelessness.

  • Borer and termite proof

There are times when your plywood gets attacked by borer and termites. But Sainik 710 plywood has been made with such  a preservative treatment that the plywood becomes borer and termite proof. This prevents your plywood from being damaged, and it goes a long way.

  • Waterproof

One of the best qualities of Sainik 710 is that it is waterproof. Your furniture tends to look dull after any encounter with water, or sometimes the furniture gets swollen up while absorbing water. But in the case of Sainik 710, every furniture problem has been solved.

  • Uniform pricing

Sainik 710 is available at the same prices throughout India so that anyone can buy it as per their preference. It might happen that because you didn’t want to invest properly in the plywood, then you would end up getting your furniture damaged because of poor quality. With Sainik 710, there are always ways to be found in order to reduce the price but without compromising on the quality.

The price starts from Rs.102 per square foot. It is so affordable yet so good. It is always the first choice for all interior designers. The affordable quality that they have, does not mean that they provide lower quality products for their customers.

  • Flexibility

It’s a lot simpler than you would think to find attractive furniture. Boiling waterproof plywood is possible with Sainik 710 without burning a hole in your pocket. This high-quality waterproof plywood, which is made from the highest-quality raw materials, is an excellent choice for areas with a lot of moisture and water, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and windows. With Asli waterproof, you can let your furniture speak for itself in every nook and cranny of your home.

Everybody has their unique choices while making their furniture. Sainik BWP grade plywood will serve all your needs. There are various tests that Sainik 710 plywood has passed before being made available to the customers.

Final Overview

The furniture in your house shows what kind of personality you have, so with Sainik 710 plywood you can easily get your furniture designed in a unique manner that would look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. This will not even burn your pocket, and your furniture will be made of top-notch quality.