solar inverter

A highly efficient solar inverter will save you money over the life of your solar power system, as the inverter actually operates as “the heart” of a photovoltaic installation. A grid-tie inverter (GTI) is a special type of inverter that converts solar inverter direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity and feeds it into an existing electrical grid. An inverter is required for all solar power systems to make the electricity usable in home/office settings. All photovoltaic panels produce electricity in DC current. The purpose of an inverter is to change the DC into AC so that it can be used by appliances in the home or office and the community electric grid.

When installing a system

When installing a system, never underestimate the system’s needs for a solar inverter and purchase one that handles a smaller capacity than necessary in an attempt to save money. That decision can be costly in the long run. A better way to cut costs is to purchase an inverter with greater capacity than initially planning to install. Then you can add more solar panels in the future to boost your production and energy savings. Always leave your system with room to grow!

Many different manufacturers compete in the solar inverter market. In the past there have been many American-made inverters, but in recent years many of those companies have gone out of business, as it was discovered that their inverters were not always operating at their advertised efficiency.

This has opened up the solar inverter market to several international companies. Many of the most recognized solar inverter brands have dominated the European market. European industry standards have traditionally been higher for efficiency.

Efficiency is one of the biggest issues

Efficiency is one of the biggest issues for a solar power system. Installing a PV system is a great financial investment, and the overall efficiency has a dramatic effect on the performance of the system for years to come.

Not only do the solar cells need to convert the sun’s energy into electricity efficiently…the solar inverter has a large responsibility in the efficiency of the system, as well! Inverter manufacturers are constantly working to improve the efficiency of their products in order to build trust and a good reputation with those interested in solar power. Energy savings converts to money savings. A highly efficient solar inverter will save money in the operation of a solar power system. Saving money increases the interest and possibility of people converting to solar power. Converting to solar power in our society will ease the demands of fossil fuels and oils, which our American society heavily relies upon currently.

If you are considering designing and installing a solar inverter energy system for your home or building, hiring a professional is essential to make sure your system is built properly and operating at the highest efficiency possible.