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Software engineering is among the most sought-after subjects in India. It is a well-known area because an software engineer at an entry level can be earning in the thousands in the first year of their studies. Software engineering is a broad area which is why students and professionals are looking for specializations to reach the goals they have set for themselves.

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The world is changing from office work to working at home. People across the globe are now using apps for everyday activities like shopping, commuting and filing, paying bills and more. Additionally, they are being informed and staying connected. In light of this, companies aren’t absconding from offering a greater salaries for Android developers in India.

Have you heard that over 6000 apps are added to the Google Play Store every single day? This indicates that the need for tech experts who are knowledgeable about operating systems and are able to create stunning user interfaces for various apps is growing. A major and widely utilized operating systems for mobile phones as well as different devices is Android. The area of expertise which is expected to expand in the future in the coming years is Android Development.

If you possess the necessary skills and are willing to stay up-to-date, your job as an Android Developer will continue to grow and improve. This is particularly true when we take into consideration that an the salary of an Android Developer from India can be directly, as well as indirectly, dependent upon how well-educated and current they are.

We’re sure this could have sparked a desire to become an Android Developer inside you! Let’s look at who is an Android Developer and what’s the typical Android Developer pay in India?

What is Android?

It is an open source operating system that is accessible to developers and designers working on devices and applications. Google created the OS using its Linux Kernel. Developers and designers are able to modify and personalize an open-source OS in order to create distinctive user interfaces with graphics and features to meet the needs of the device or application they’re building.

A lot of people who use Android devices do not know that the OS running on their smartphones comes with built-in applications , and that these apps can work with third-party software. Who is responsible for the creation of these Android-friendly applications and software? It is the job of the Android Developers. Due to the high demand the android developer’s salary in India is among the most expensive.

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Android development can be described as a part of mobile development that deals with the development of applications for smartphones and other similar devices. Mobile development is a huge area, it’s divided into distinct sections based on the operating systems it works on.

Mobile development is a huge field, and includes many areas, including android development.

These include:

Native app development:

Native apps are limited to the device and designed especially for use with the OS. Android developers are primarily focused on this area in mobile app development.

HTML app development:

A lot of apps are only available in the web browser. They require that the developer make use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Who is an Android Developer?

A Android Developer can be described as a specialist Software Developer who assumes the responsibility of creating and designing software that is designed for Android-run devices. They develop Android applications that are typically created in Java. The developer is accountable for creating apps and their many functions that include the interface for the device and understanding of how users will interact with it.

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Android Developer Salary in India

You might have scored at your engineering test or gained knowledge in the field, but what’s the amount you could receive? You’ll be content knowing that a number of factors can affect the amount you are eligible for from an employer you are considering. In this blog we will provide a glimpse on the typical Android Developer’s wage in India. Before we can do this, let’s examine the increase in the demand for these tech experts.

The Growing Demand for Android Developers

The first thing we’re going to do is take a look at the need from Android developer in India. A search of Android Developer for India on LinkedIn has an impressive 2000+ results just for May 2020!

If you were to examine this against an all-time search, where the demand is greater than 5000 which is enough to say that more than 40% of jobs created were in the past month. This is a sign of the rapid increase in the need for Android developers, as more companies that ever have using Android-based apps to ensure their customers receive superior services and experience.

Android Developer Salary


There are currently a variety of opportunities for Android Developers. However, their pay is directly affected by location, experience the company’s location, as well as educational accomplishments. Therefore there are opportunities numerous for android developers. Furthermore, the essential nature of their work ensures that the salary of android developers in India is very high.

The Median Salary for an Android Developer in India

The need of Android Developer is high but companies need applicants with the appropriate skills. In addition, the more knowledge, the better the amount of money. Median salary as per to Payscale, is around $40,000 per year which includes bonuses and profit sharing.

Android Developer Salary in India


Let’s take a examine the breakdown of the amount of salary.

The chart in the following demonstrates that the salary of a basic employee can be as low as the amount of Rs. 1,51,000 to Rs. 9,41,000 annually. The initial bonus and profit-sharing start at the sum of Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 12,000 respectively. The huge variation is due to a variety of aspects that are described below.

Android Developer Salary in India


Factors Affecting Android Developer Salary in India

The four major factors that affect how much Android Developer Salary in India are:

Company – The organization you work for has a an impact directly on the amount you earn. Established brands and well-known ones such as Google, Amazon, Jio and others. are likely to pay more than an IT start-up.

Experience- The more experience that you’ve got, greater your ability to recognize issues and provide fast solutions to issues. Combining experience and the business will earn you a salary and positions that will help make an impression.

Location – In the upcoming times, the location is going to play a less important part in the amount you’ll be able to expect. However, even so it will influence the amount you can expect and obtain from potential employers.

Skills – The more abilities you possess the greater your capacity to understand. Location is expected to play an important part in determining the salary of machine learning in India.

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Android Developer Salary in India: Based On Company

It’s a fact that the more powerful the brand or business the greater the amount of money an employee is likely to receive. Let’s look at some of the most lucrative pay packages available – Jio India’s top telecom company, pays about the sum of Rs. 5.89,000 annually as a pay. This follows Tata Consultancy Services at Rs 4,21,000, Cognizant at 3,41,000, as well as Solutions IT at Rs. 2,82,000.

Android Developer Salary in India


Android Developer Salary in India: Based on Location

While Covid-19 could reduce the effect of location on salary in the near future, at present the location is a major element in the determining of Android developer wages in India. Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is the most lucrative and Android Developers working in Bangalore earning around 35percent more than equivalents from other cities. The analysis is conducted against an average national salary. Hyderabad The other city that is competing with Silicon Valley, for Silicon Valley, is also competing for Silicon Valley title, offers salary levels that are 2percent lower than the average national.

Android Developer Salary in India


Android Developer Salary in India: Based on Experience

The more experience you’ve gained, the better your salary will be. If you’re new to the field and have just recently joined the market then you must be realistic about your expectations. So, let’s examine the salary of Android developers in India according to how long of experience you’ve got in your resume —

Let’s look at how an Android developer’s pay in India differs based on the amount of experience.

Entry-Level Android Developer Salary in India

The median entry-level Android developer’s earnings in India is Rs204,622.

Indian developer salary for android experience

Mid-Level Android Developer Salary in India

The median mid-level Android developer’s earnings in India is around Rs820,884.

Developer salary for Android in India, with mid-level experience

Experienced Android Developer Salary in India

The average Android developer’s pay in India is Rs1,316,973.

Indian Android developer salaries experienced

Freshers can get a salary starting at the equivalent of Rs. 1,90,000. This is an excellent opportunity to begin an occupation in this field. As the Andriod developer builds upon their knowledge, the amount of money grows by a significant amount. If you can gain a minimum of 3-4 years. A person could increase their earnings to the amount of Rs. 34,000 per year. An Android engineer with experience of between 5 and 9 years could expect to earn around 819,516 rupees. 8,19,516 per annum. Once they attain the top management roles they can expect to earn Android Developer can easily request an annual salary of Rs. 10,000.

Android Developer Salary


Android Developer Salary in India: Based on Skills

Let’s look at how Android developer salaries in India grows with the skillset. We’ve already mentioned that you must have an impressive set of abilities in order to secure the most lucrative positions in the extremely intense market for android developers. Certain abilities can lead to an increase in your pay. Therefore, you should learn these talents.

Android developer salaries in India is based on the abilities


Android Developer Salary in Other Countries

Android developers ‘ salaries for The US is $113,900


Android developers ‘ salaries is in The UK is PS35,554.


Android Developer Salaries In Comparison to Other Developers

A unique UI that captivates the attention of users is an excellent method to boost usage and enable your business to be more popular with customers. Backend software that permits businesses to offer exceptional experiences for their customers will increase brand value. Although there are specialists for each job, there is there is a significant overlap in the responsibilities of different developers.

Therefore, certain pay scales like that of Web Developer Salary or Software Developer Salary have roughly the same amount of money. One interesting point to take note of is that the majority of entry-level positions are in the same but the range increases exponentially for team heads.

Android Developer Salary


Major Roles and Responsibilities of Android Developers

The development of applications and programs demands a certain level of expertise however some businesses require a bachelor’s degree in software development. A degree or diploma in related fields is sufficient to allow an individual to perform the primary tasks of their positions. For the initial positions there is no experience needed and they receive lower wages. In addition, the technological advances require that engineers and developers keep up with the rapid growth in their field.

The most important responsibilities of an Android Developer

Most Android Developers focus on the development aspect of the software , while those who are able to be involved in all aspects of creating and developing, to testing, and integrating are referred to as Full-Stack Developers. Android Developers are more focused and are accountable for the performance and reliability of an application before it is utilized.

They are accountable for:

Making android-based applications for the Android platform

The main task of the Android Developer lies in the develop the functionality of the app. They have to design an User Interface with clearly defined steps of how users interact with the application.

Coding of high-quality quality for wireframes and designs that have been approved

First, you must begin to create the app’s structure, which should be well thought-out. Making clean and tidy code as well as creating features that serve the objectives are essential to the app’s success.

Recognizing the needs of users and creating new features

After the app is functional developers must be aware of the needs of users. Making the app more successful application requires the introduction of new features.

Staying informed about market trends

To achieve this it is essential to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in mobile apps , and evaluate the effectiveness of new tools. Android Developers believe that the most recent tool or requirement can be integrated into applications, along with also the method to follow.

Troubleshoot and eliminate bugs

Android Developers are accountable for analyzing bugs and potential bugs as well as ways to avoid them, and devising solutions to troubleshoot. This process is carried out when the app is developed and also when the app is released for use by users.

Utilize APIs from outside

A lot of times, it is essential for developers to work with APIs and code from outside. Therefore, the ability to be able to read and comprehend the code of a different Developer is crucial.

While this is essential in order to be able to earn a higher pay, advanced abilities such as those mentioned below may be helpful.

Flexible working style

Capability to adapt to the particular demands of their clients

Ability to collaborate with different design, marketing and development teams.

Ability to resolve complex issues and turn roadblocks opportunities

As you advance, the capacity to manage your own work and manage teams will help achieve the goal

Skills of an Android Developer

However, as a person is able to manage their role and gain knowledge, it’s equally crucial to continue to improve their capabilities.

For your career to develop as an android developer and earn the most possible salary for android developers in India You must be up-to-date with:

Expertise is required Programming Languages like Kotlin and JavaScript

Proficiency in MySQl Database

Attention to detail for Mobile Application Development

Knowledge of Integrated Development Environment

Skills for Android OS Development

The ability to manage each individual Software Development Kit

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The data gathered by LinkedIn clearly indicates that the need in Android developer positions is growing. This demand is never low. The possibilities are endless. That’s why the Android developer salaries in India is very large. There is a constant demand. Candidates with the right skills, qualifications, and experiences have plenty of options to select from. However, while choosing the correct job but it’s equally crucial to keep the variables that affect the final amount of pay to be considered when making a deal for the Android Developer salary in India.

We hope that you enjoyed our post about Android developer wages in India. These figures are not fixed in concrete. The main factor that determines your earnings is the qualifications you possess, the proficiency you’ve gained in them and how fast you advance and make your company grow too.

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