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People are making the most of COVID-19’s less restrictive health restrictions to take short or quick vacations as summer approaches. People have been staying in their homes for two years and are eager to get outside to enjoy the outdoors as they used to. This is especially evident when you consider how many people now spend their vacation time on escapades and vacations.


The best summer destinations in the world will always include Hawaii and its ever famous Botanical Garden in Oahu which is not only educational, but is also accessible to everyone and is near to other tourist spot in Hawaii, which includes beach surfing stations and more. Because of Hawaii’s natural beauty and its many outdoor activities, tourists are still drawn to it.



Haleiwa is pronounced hah-lay-ee-va and it’s a small surfing and beachfront town in Waialua. The name of this historic spot has multiple meanings. In Hawaiian, “hale” refers to a house and “iwa” is a frigate bird. The name “house of the frigate birds” can be combined. However, “iwa”, which can also be used to signify a poetic symbol for an attractive person can also be used. This can be made into a “home for attractive people”.


Officially, Haleiwa means “beautiful house”, but it was established only in 1898 by Benjamin Dillingham who opened the Haleiwa Hotel. The popular hotel had been a hit with tourists and visitors alike, but it was closed down in 1943. It was then torn down in 1953.


Tourists should visit Haleiwa when they do a Hawaiian or Oahu tours especially that international travel restrictions has been a lot less strict than how it was before.


To learn more about the history of Haleiwa town, you can read this infographic from Go Hawaii Tours.

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