Home Tutors In Lahore provide one-to-one attention to the students and they can help them understand different topics in a better way. They also help the students prepare for their tests and exams.

There are a variety of home tutors available in lahore. You can choose one based on your location, experience, and the subject you need help with.


Miss Erum Rajpoot

If you’re looking for an experienced female home tutor to help your child with his or her studies, then you should consider Miss Erum Rajpoot. With a Master’s degree in Psychology, she can help your child improve his or her English and other academic skills.

Her teaching techniques include syllabus-oriented and goal-oriented lessons that can help your child develop the necessary skills to succeed in his or her academic career. She also uses her knowledge of English to teach students the basics of grammar and other subjects.

Whether you’re looking for a home tutor to help your child with their ICS-10 or GCSE, there are many qualified teachers available in Lahore who can provide the assistance you need. Here are just a few of the best:

One of our most recommended female home tutors in Lahore for O-A levels is Miss Hira-194. She’s an O-A level maths specialist who can help you with your studies.

Another highly-rated female home tutor for ICS-10/9 is Miss Fatima. She’s an expert in Biotechnology and has a year of teaching experience. Her strategies for producing A grade results involve remaining stuck to the time table and ensuring that her students are following a regular routine of study.

She can also help you with your IELTS exam if you need assistance in this area. She’s a great choice for students who are looking to improve their English speaking skills, as she has an excellent spoken English rating of 8 out of 10. You can learn more about her tutoring services by calling her today!

Dr. Tayyaba Jalal Awan

If you’re looking for an experienced home tutor in Lahore, look no further than Dr. Tayyaba Jalal Awan. She is a highly skilled home tutor who can teach a variety of subjects, including English, mathematics, and science. She has an impressive educational background and a strong teaching philosophy that incorporates hands-on activities, critical thinking development, and meaningful learning.

She’s also known for her patient and flexible approach to teaching, so she can tailor lessons to students’ unique needs. Her home tuition services are available in various areas around Lahore, including Gulshan Ravi, Moon Market, and Iqbal Town.

Her teaching strategies include encouraging students to become independent learners and focusing on mastering their lessons with full understanding. She can also help students develop their study skills and improve their writing ability.

Located in DHA Lahore, she has 2 years of experience teaching APS children and is able to teach up to the matric level. Her strategies for producing A grade results include sticking to the timetable and working daily.

She also has a Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and a doctoral degree in physiotherapy, so she can help students with MSK-related problems and post-stroke rehabilitation. She’s also a qualified medical imaging technologist and can provide home tutoring for Pre O, O, and A levels in English and science. She is also an excellent option for junior grades, as she has over 6 months of teaching experience and can teach up to KG5.

Miss Tooba

Miss Tooba is a highly recommended female tutor who has 4 years of home teaching experience and can help your child with their schoolwork. She is an expert in Mathematics and Science and has achieved A+ grades for her students.

She can help you and your child with any subject from ICS-to-IX/X and is available to tutor in areas around Moa college, Chauburji, Lawrence Garden, Gulshan Ravi, and Johar Town. Her spoken English rate is 8/10 and she has a Bscs background.

Her teaching philosophy is to make learning real, relevant and rigorous. She uses a combination of syllabus-oriented and goal-oriented lessons to ensure that your child is fully prepared for their exam. She also believes in incorporating additional guidance and notes that she has created herself.

The best female tutors in lahore have a strong understanding of their subjects and can teach in a way that makes the content easier for your child to understand. She can also help your child develop their speaking English skills and improve their grammar.

Her smart monitoring software ensures that you and your child will be able to track their progress and stay on top of their studies. This feature is not offered by most tutoring companies in Pakistan and can save you time and money.

Miss Anam

Miss Anam is the lady of the cloth for home tutors, or so she claims. Educated to the highest of standards with a degree in chemical engineering, she is also a sexy dancer when it comes to her students. She has been at it for years and still going strong. Some of her clients are in their mid-twenties and some are parents themselves. Whether you are looking for a home tutor in the big apple or in nyc, she is sure to make you smile.

Miss Fazaila Sabir

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable female home tutor in Lahore, look no further than Miss Fazaila Sabir. She has 6 months of experience in schools and 3 years of home teaching experience, and she is an advocate of instructing youngsters how to learn in a way that yields A-grade results.

She is an expert in English, Mathematics, and Science, and she has helped her students achieve excellent results. Her strategies include staying focused on a timetable, ensuring that the child is working consistently, and helping the student to develop good study habits.

Her tutoring services are available in various areas of Lahore, including Wapda town OPF, Airline society, and College road. She is able to teach junior classes from grade 1 to 10 and can also tutor students in English, maths, and science up until O-levels.

Another skilled and reliable female home tutor in Lahore is Miss Umara Zahid.


Miss Zoha Khalid

She has a degree in MPhil Molecular Biology from the University of Punjab and two years of teaching experience. She is available for online and in-person tutoring, with a focus on practical concept analysis and learning strategies.

With an excellent rating for spoken English, she is a great choice for families in the Johar Town area of Lahore looking for an experienced female tutor for their child’s education.

She is a highly qualified and experienced home tutor in Lahore for Cambridge O level Biology-5090, Biology-9184 and 9700, and Chemistry-9185 and 9701.She is available for in-person and online home tutoring in areas near UCP Lahore.