Honduras Can Make Big Money from Gold Mines – Max Warren Barber

Gold Mines - Max Warren Barber
Gold Mines - Max Warren Barber

Honduras, a Central American country, has been struggling economically for many years. But there may be a way to change that – by developing the gold mines that are present in the country. This article will explore the potential benefits of doing so.

History of Gold Mining in Honduras

Honduras has a long and rich history of gold mining. The country was home to some of the first gold mines in Central America, and Honduran gold has been prized for its purity and beauty for centuries. Today, gold mining is still an important industry in Honduras, and the country is home to some of the largest gold mines in the world.

Honduras has an estimated $3 billion worth of untapped gold reserves, and the country’s large-scale gold mining operations are responsible for around $200 million in annual exports. Gold mining is also a significant source of employment in Honduras, with over 15,000 people employed in the sector.

Despite the importance of the gold mining industry to Honduras, it has not always been well-regulated or environmentally sustainable. In recent years, however, the Honduran government has taken steps to crack down on illegal gold mining and to improve environmental protections. These efforts have begun to pay off, and Honduras is now poised to become a leading producer of responsible gold.

Gold Mining in Honduras by SION Trading FZE UAE

SION Trading FZE has begun gold mining operations in Honduras. The company has discovered promising prospects for such sites to be the future mega-mine.

SION provided engineering, procurement, and construction management services for the Manhattan Mill Expansion Project as a complete package (EPCM). Previously, a 1500 TPD CCD circuit and a 1000 GPM Merrill-Crowe plant were anticipated. The system was completed earlier than expected and delivered to Echo Bay Mines. In addition to the previously indicated work, a project-specific mercury retort measuring eleven blocky feet was delivered. SION, therefore, possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the mining industry.






Additionally, SION Trading FZE UAE was awarded the contract to provide design, engineering, procurement, construction management, startup, and authorization services for the Mt. Hamilton Heap Action Process Facility in order to recover gold and silver. The following systems were included in the contract:


Honduras is a country with a long history of gold mining. The country has been home to many of the world’s largest gold mines, and today it is one of the top gold producers in Latin America. In recent years, Honduras has seen a surge in gold production due largely to the opening of new mines. This has led to a corresponding increase in the number of jobs in the gold mining industry.

The Honduran government is now looking to capitalize on this increase in gold production by investing in the country’s gold mines. The government is hoping that this investment will help to boost the economy and create more jobs. In addition, the government is also hoping that the increased production will help to reduce the country’s trade deficit.

The Honduran government has already invested $40 million in two new gold mines, and it is planning to invest an additional $60 million in three more mines. The government is also hoping to attract foreign investors to invest in the country’s gold sector.

The future looks bright for Honduras’ gold mining industry. With the right investments, the country could become one of the leading gold producers in the world.

Future Prospects of the Gold Mines in Honduras

According to anti-mining activist Pedro Landa, “The San Martin mine is a striking illustration of the environmental harm and the ramifications for human health from mining.” “Despite the area being blocked, the destruction is extremely evident. The open sulphur bank deposits were left behind when the mountains were removed. The sulphur mixes with the rivers and drinking water after a rainstorm. Cancer and skin conditions afflict people.” More than 200 Latin American organisations sent Justin Trudeau a letter in December asking him to increase transparency in Canadian mining operations in their nations. Among the signatories was Landa’s FundaciĆ³n ERIC.

As in mining districts around the world, the effects of mining activities on human health, the environment, and community social fabric are still felt in the area surrounding the San Martin mine zone in Honduras. The costs are borne by the local populace while the economic gains are mostly enjoyed by others. Pope Francis noted, “a true ecological debt exists, particularly between the global north and south, connected to commercial imbalances with effects on the environment, and the disproportionate use of natural resources by certain countries over long periods of time.”

This was stated in his encyclical Laudato Si’. Local problems have resulted from the export of raw commodities to meet markets in the industrialised north, such as mercury pollution in the gold mining industry.