Today, we are going to talk about all the bowls from the renowned brand hookah john. All their bowls are hand-made in the US by a famous clay artisan. The hookah john bowls are glazed with top-notch food-grade glazes in Shisha Tabak 25g a range of colors. In addition, they have all the care put into them to make sure that the smokers get a high-quality smoking session along with a top-notch product.

This post will help you become familiar with the different bowls in the hookah john family.

The Harmony Bowl

This bowl is perfect for persistent hookah smokers and even the newbies, for, of course, many reasons. The harmony hookah john bowl is easy to pack and can be used for all sorts of packing. This is the most basic bowl from the brand and the easiest to use. As we have already mentioned, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional smoker. Anyone can use this bowl without any hassle.

The harmony hookah john bowl comes with a simple design that allows maximum airflow. It keeps your stem and water clean from the shisha juices. If you like to use foil with their hookah setup, the harmony bowl is a perfect fit! This bowl can also be used with heat management devices or HMDs due to its diameter and easy packing mechanism. This bowl can be used for a session as long as a 2+ hour session. You can easily replace the coal as and when required with this shisha setup.

The 80 Feet Bowl

The name would indicate a vast shisha bowl for first-timers. However, unlike its name, the 80 feel hookah john bowl is a smaller counterpart of the harmony bowl. If you are looking for 45 minutes to an hour-long session, this bowl is perfect! This bowl works perfectly with Tangiers tobacco. The design is quite similar to the phunnel style, which is featured in a harmony bowl. However, the design is on a smaller scale. If you want to have shorter sessions, or even if you want some of your exotic shisha tobacco saved, the 80 feet hookah john bowl is perfect!

This bowl is also perfect for smokers who have commitment issues. With this bowl, you can frequently change your flavor due to the lesser amount of shisha used when you put on your next set of coals.

The Trimony Bowl

The main advantage of using a trimony hookah john bowl is the increased airflow. Many persistent smokers prefer having an even airflow during their smoking session. If you are looking for a similar bowl, this is exclusively made for you. There are three cuts in the internal spire which allow more air to pass between the tobacco leaves while smoking. The heat is distributed evenly within the bowl. Of course, it needs to be packed evenly and in a clean manner. Do not overthink about filling the bowl! Just pack like you usually would. Always make sure that you give the spire some room to breathe.

The Alien Bowl

This is another one of the fantastic bowls available in the market and is one of a kind. The alien hookah john bowl was initially introduced in the market as a shisha saver bowl. This bowl is shallow and wide, tapered to the inside, which makes this bowl perfect for shorter sessions. This bowl is another fantastic bowl from this brand to use with the Tangiers shisha tobacco. This bowl pairs amazingly with a flavor saver. It should keep your smoking smooth the whole time through.

The Red Clay Harmony Bowl

The red clay harmony bowl is a fantastic bowl from hookah john featuring high-quality materials. This is a modern bowl, but with an old-school twist. This bowl is unglazed aside from the outside for color and ease of cleaning. After a few sessions, the clay acts as a sponge for flavoring and will leave the bowl with a more robust flavor. We recommend using this bowl for only one particular flavor of your choice. This is because when you are using this bowl for one flavor only, it will keep its intensity dialed up the more you use it.

The Ferris Bowl

This bowl is made explicitly for heat management devices. It comes with an interior lip that holds the shisha in one place. Don’t be fooled by this bowl’s size! It might look small, and the packing area might look compact, but the bulk of the size for the bowl is contained with the interior lip for your heat management device or HMD of choice. So you need not worry about the HMD falling off! The Ferris hookah john bowl has you covered for your smoking session.

The Wide Gauge Harmony Bowl

This bowl from hookah john does precisely what it says in its name. It has the same construction and is easy to use, just like the harmony bowl. But, this bowl comes with a broader interior phunnel. Some smokers like this bowl’s extra-wide bore, while some do not. That decision is entirely up to you.

The Flying Saucer Bowl

This bowl is a bit different from the rest of the hookah john bowls in the market. This bowl comes with a middle spire that contains holes on the sides rather than the top. The spire extends higher than the bowl’s lip, allowing for overpacking and ease of heat management.

How To Pack Your Hookah John Bowls?

So you have finally thought about getting yourself a hookah john bowl for your smoking sessions, huh? So, what are you waiting for? Let us get straight into packing this bowl. Packing these bowls is pretty similar to any other bowl packing method. However, you do need to maintain a few technicalities to ensure that you have a top-notch smoking session.

Method 1

You would need to spread the tobacco gently around the border of your hookah john bowl. Make sure that you do not put any in the middle hole. You would also have to ensure that you do not overload your hookah john bowl. You would need to pack it in such a way so that the air pockets do not get clogged inside. If you overpack the bowl, there wouldn’t be proper heat retention. Thus, you wouldn’t get the perfect flavor for your shisha tobacco.

Method 2:

If you find the method Shisha Tabak 25g mentioned above too complicated, you can try this one. Pack these bowls with your favorite tobacco to the level. Press the tobacco nicely and, with the help of a toothpick, poke deep holes into it. You would also have to ensure that you reach the bottom of your hookah john bowl.


Thus, we have come to the end of our blog. We have discussed almost everything you need to know about the bowls from hookah john. There are, of course, many other hookah accessories available from this brand, but we will be discussing them later on.

We hope that you have got an explicit idea of the types of bowls available from hookah john. We also hope that you can now pack yourself your favorite shisha of choice.