How A Water Purifier Benefits Your Health

water purifier in Siliguri

As the name implies, a water purifier purifies your drinking water. Safe drinking is essential for our well-being. Contaminants in the water account for causing dysentery, diarrhea, or even cholera. So, our digestive tract not only gets affected by unhealthy eating but also gets affected by unsafe drinking.

Bring the right appliance to your home today and look after your health from now on. Reverse osmosis is a popular water purification formula that traps water contaminants by forming pressure to force the molecules in the water to pass through a semi-porous membrane. Contact your service provider to get an RO water purifier in Siliguri at a cost-effective price.

Given below are some advantages of using a water purifier:

  • Drinking purified water has numerous health benefits, from your eye health, digestive system to your skin. Water purifiers expel disease-causing microorganisms, therefore, ensuring your access to healthy drinking every day.
  • Toxic metals in the water like lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, nickel, arsenic can put one’s health at risk of kidney issues, acute and chronic issues, anemia, interstitial damage, physical weakness, and further health concerns. RO also called reverse osmosis, is a new-age water purifier that eliminates all such undesired water substances to keep well-being in a good state.
  • If the water involves dissolved solids, it is unfit for drinking. A semi-permeable membrane fitted in RO technology traps these water particles and removes them effectively. Hence, providing you with safe drinking and keeping your digestive health well.

Types of TDS include calcium, magnesium, chloride, sodium, herbicides, sulfates, potassium, zinc, iron, arsenic, pesticides, lead, aluminium, copper, etc. In case the water source has low TDS/total dissolved solids in the water, tell your service provider for guidance. TDS can come from both man-made sources and natural sources, such as lakes, rivers, soil, springs, or piped water. The ideal level of TDS in drinking water should range from 300 to 500 ppm. But TSD above 2000 can be fully challenging for health.

For TDS betwen50-200ppm, ultra-flirtation water purifiers or UF+UV water purifiers work great. If the TDS level is between 200-500 or above, you should choose RO or RO+UV water purifiers. Know from your service provider about the filtration speed of the water purifier in one hr.

UV water filtration system makes use of UV/ultraviolet rays to kill the harmful bacteria present in the water. Ultrafiltration water purifier works by using a hydrostatic pressure that forces water to go through a semi-permeable membrane.

Water purifiers have a water storage setup. Based on the number of people requiring it, buy one. You might purchase this appliance with 9 litters or more storage capacity. Feel free to share your budget goals and requirements with your home appliance dealer.