How an NDIS Provider Supports Healthcare Using Community Nursing


One of the essential NDIS services that are accessible through an NDIS plan is community nursing. The NDIS participants avail of health services, preventive care, intervention, and health education from community nurses.

Community nurses are highly trained to help vulnerable people and their families improve healthcare, prevent disease, and treat existing medical conditions.

Understanding NDIS Community Nursing Services

These services integrate advanced medical knowledge and assistance with daily tasks for enhancing healthcare among people with vulnerabilities. The primary goal of community nursing is to facilitate NDIS participants in the following ways:

  • Promotion of healthcare
  • Prevention of illnesses
  • Enlightening the community on healthy lifestyle options
  • Communicate with interdisciplinary health experts to assess, diagnose, and treat medical conditions.
  • Encourage practices leading a participant toward independent living.

Your nearest NDIS provider allows you to approach these services. Community nursing is comprehensive and helps you manage a healthy lifestyle. The goal of community nursing at Complete Connect is to cater to every NDIS participant despite the severity of their condition.

Services Included In NDIS Community Nursing

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) understands the services its participants require to improve health. In order to ensure that you receive high-quality services without difficulty, the community nursing team at NDIS offers dedicated care and facilitates the most simple tasks without any judgments.

NDIS community nurses offer a variety of services, some of which are listed below:

  • Case management
  • Healthcare at home
  • Physiological diseases support and prevention.
  • Wound care management
  • Assistive medication care
  • Development of pre and post-treatment plans
  • Rehabilitative support

Promotion Of Healthcare With Community Nursing

Nursing is a tough job and comes with a lot of responsibilities. NDIS service providers ensure their participants reach out to professional and highly efficient community nursing services to promote overall health and well-being. Not only do community nurses work on physical health, but they also strive to improve mental and social aspects of life to provide betterment.

Let us look at the roles of community nurses in developing effective healthcare practices.

Assisting daily life activities

Sometimes a participant’s capacity to carry out daily chores declines as they face challenges due to vulnerabilities. To overcome this issue, community nurses provide core support services to assist participants in developing daily routines and motivate them to involve in healthy life practices.

Foster Community Participation

To help participants become more comfortable and motivated about their existence, community nurses prepare participants with creative ways to engage in community programs and improve their socialising skills. It helps prevent loneliness and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Promotion of healthcare needs

Community nurses ensure that every participant receives the right amount of care despite being affected by any physical or mental vulnerability. They educate participants and their families about the participant’s physical and mental health status,encouraging independence. Lack of engagement can negatively affect a person’s quality of life by weakening their sense of individuality. Community nursing engages people with vulnerabilities in tasks that increase productivity and independence to help them overcome difficulties with daily living activities.

Maintaining mental health

Vulnerabilities can substantially adversely impact a participant’s mental well-being and capacity to cope with challenges causing stressful environments. Community nurses use a holistic approach to maintaining an individual’s mental health so that they can handle and regulate their emotions.


You can reach out to exceptional community nursing through a registered NDIS provider, Complete Connect, which offers support services to people with vulnerabilities. To start, you must call, connect, and then begin your journey with highly professional support workers.