How Can You Keep Cockroaches Away from the Kitchen?


Cockroaches are extremely filthy bugs that carry many diseases, so keeping them out of the kitchen is necessary. You could risk getting your food contaminated if not. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent roaches from making a home in your kitchen before you have to call a pest control company in Singapore

Try out these simple but effective ways to protect your kitchen from cockroaches. 

6 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Roach-free 

Here are several ways to deter cockroaches without immediately resorting to a Singapore pest control company’s services. 

Store Your Food Properly

Cockroaches have a keen sense of smell, so one of the first things you should do is store your food in sealed containers. This prevents the pests from smelling and accessing the food. 

If you have pets, be sure to store their food away after meals. Leaving kibble out overnight will attract the cockroaches’ attention as well. 

Clean Up as You Go

Besides storing food properly, make sure to keep the kitchen as spotless as you can so the cockroaches cannot find any traces of food at all. Some tasks to do include: 

  • Promptly sweep, wipe, or mop up crumbs and spills. 
  • Wash the plates and other unwashed utensils. Do not let them pile up in the sink. 
  • Dispose of the garbage regularly or close your waste bins securely so the foul odours do not reel in the roaches. 

Manage the Moisture in the Kitchen

Cockroaches thrive where there is moisture, and the kitchen can easily turn into a damp environment. You could reduce the humidity in the area by investing in a dehumidifier or installing a ventilation fan. If you have an exhaust vent over the stove, make sure to turn it on while cooking. 

You can also open the windows to let fresh air in and dry out any spills faster. 

Seal Up Any Gaps

Cockroaches can easily squeeze through cracks and other small openings in your windows, doors, drains, and pipes. You can regularly inspect your kitchen for such gaps and have them sealed to reduce the roaches’ entry points.

Use Natural Repellents

Are you not keen on using commercial pesticides? You can use natural repellents to drive them away. For instance, lavender and peppermint have strong scents that are pleasing to us humans but repulsive to cockroaches and other insects. 

You can spray an essential oil and water mixture around your kitchen or even grow plants in your home to deter pests. 

Clear Your Cabinets Out

Cockroaches can also hide among the food items and other objects stored in your kitchen cabinets and shelves. Be sure to clean them out often, especially when you find traces of roach droppings or smell musty odours when browsing through them. 

When To Call a Pest Control Company in Singapore

Home remedies are not always enough to remove bugs as stubborn as roaches. If they still bother your kitchen, Singapore cockroach pest control services are your best option for removing them. They can check any entry points you missed and develop personalised treatment plans to deal with the infestation 


These professionals also handle other jobs, such as mice control and bee control services. You can take the chance to get your kitchen checked for other pest issues while they treat your place for roaches. 


If you always struggle with cockroaches in the kitchen, follow the tips above to minimise their presence in the area. But we understand that roaches are resilient creatures and can sometimes return despite our best efforts. 
When the situation is too dire to handle alone, you can count on a Singapore pest control company to keep them at bay. Please do not hesitate to contact one before you experience worse issues.