Silver is a metal that doesn’t corrode easily. It has been popular since ancient times, and it’s still popular today. You can find beautiful and inexpensive sterling silver jewelry in the local department stores.

Sterling silver is typically stamped with an eagle next to a number that denotes where it was made and the purity of the product.

Silver is used as a symbol for money, because it is both durable and inexpensive. Because of its durability and cost-effectiveness, people have begun using silver in all kinds of everyday products. Some companies, however, have tried to take advantage of the fact that this metal is affordable.

Many companies that make silver jewelry try to make their Mexican Jewelry products look cheap by using poor quality silver.

You should know that silver is very soft and easy to bend. It can also tarnish quickly. If you wear silver jewelry all the time, you may notice that it begins to tarnish over time. You should take your silver jewelry off before washing it and store it in a plastic bag.

Try using a silver polish to keep your jewelry looking new and shiny. You may also try buffing it with an emery board. If you notice that your silver jewelry looks old, you should have it re-plated. Many people use this method to restore tarnished silver.