How Can You Tell If Your Foundation Is Silicone-Based? -A Brief Guide


In terms of the silicone-based foundations, they have added oil to their formula to be used with a sponge. Silicone after the application has become more and more popular because it is said to give a smoother look than just using your hands to apply Makeup Foundation. It’s even better if you use flat-top brushes. Silicone-based formulas are also less drying than their non-silicon counterparts. Tip: Make sure to wash your hands first before and after application. This, of course, also applies to all-natural powder bases.

How Long Can You Store Freshly Purchased Liquid Foundation?

Water-based foundations are very stable in terms of being able to be kept inside the bottle without them getting rancid (they just curdle). You have up a year or so inside the bottle, depending on how well they packaged it. Some even contain preservatives in them to don’t go off too quickly. For better stability, spray the inside of your bottle (or whatever you are using to store it) with a little non-alcoholic vodka or propylene glycol before you fill up on it. If needed, add drops at my intervals and keep like that until the expiration date is over or contents turn into terrible brown color.

Removing Of Eyeshadow:

The suggestion is to gently brush away the product and dust it off with a tissue. Once that is done, wash your hands thoroughly afterward because once you come into contact with eyeshadow, especially if a powdered bar or liquid type, wipes will not be enough. When wiping, try something else first, like tissues that will show the actual color instead of just getting rid of the brief film on your eyelids.

The Best Foundation Comes With:

This is what everybody asks; thus, the best foundation would be one that does not cause breakouts and is prone to clashing ingredients like mineral-based ones or make you look dull from lack of coverage. If you are having issues with oiliness, then maybe it is time to invest in emollient-based (not water-based) makeup instead. Essence, in my opinion, look very natural, and they do not break you out. Mineral makeup can be splotchy depending on the individual, and sheer coverage will help moderate oiliness by offering a medium coverage if needed. We find that these foundations are great for everyday use as full heavy-duty looks tend to come off too meh at some point in time, but everyone should take advantage of this excellent trait – more tint gets into contact with our skin, and it breaks us out as well.


Over the years, people have tried several liquid foundation formulas especially water-based ones that, even though they do not cause issues with breakouts, definitely did nothing to enhance my complexion – but then again, most concealers or powders would do the same thing; so much for these foundations were selling one product for two costs. Frequently when people ask what works in terms of a makeup routine, they get discouraged by the need to factor in dust particles, oxidation, and transfer speeds with water-based formulas.