How can Your B2B Company Make Its Visibility and Market Position Unique?


B2B companies feel that there are many companies making the same products as themselves but think about B2C companies, how many companies are making mineral water, how many companies are making beauty and whitening products, how many companies are selling coffee, and their colleague’s Qualitative competition is stronger. I think B2B companies have great advantages. Although the products of each company seem to be similar, the characteristics of the product itself, brand DNA, corporate culture, and the degree of love and embrace of employees for the company and corporate culture are all different. We have been saying that a brand is a person.  Customers would say that your products are good but expensive, but we are willing to work with your people. It is sales that communicate with customers. If there are 100 sales or 1,000 sales, a very strong and synergistic culture will be formed. This kind of culture is also part of brand communication, including how the company wants its employees to communicate with customers, what kind of culture and values ​​ infect these employees, and then employees pass this emotion on to users. I think there are actually many opportunities for B2B companies to establish a unique position in a homogeneous market, whether in terms of culture, values, the product itself, or all content.

You Can Be Unforgettable if You Are a B2B Company

Another big advantage for B2B companies and B2B e-commerce website to establish their own unique value proposition is that the relationship with customers is mostly long-term. Because a piece of medical equipment, an airplane, etc., customers have to use it for a long time, some for one year, two years, some even 20 years, 30 years, and constantly deal with the company. In this case, the professional relationship between people is very important, and it is very different from buying a cup of coffee or a bottle of Coke. For B2B companies, the number of customer orders is huge, and the commitment is huge. The commitment between the two parties can even be compared to a marriage, and they will be tied together for 10 or 20 years. You must think about whether this is the person you want, not necessarily a specific salesperson, but whether this group, the overall appearance, and overall culture of the company’s employees can maintain long-term communication with you, and whether are you willing to communicate with this person. Groups of people keep in touch for a long time. This lays a good foundation for B2B enterprises to establish unique value.

New Marketing Trends for B2B E-commerce

There are two main marketing trends for B2B E-commerce;

New Technologies Will Enter the Industry

Firsts trend is that more new technologies and new capital will enter this industry. This industry is becoming more and more active, especially marketing companies, whether they have big data It is still a company with technical attributes such as VR, and their overall value is increasing rapidly. Because they are indeed trying to provide customers with more direct value, and the capital market also favors them, the rise of these companies has brought many new changes to the territory of the marketing industry, and many parties are willing to invest in these new technologies. See how you can more effectively influence your own consumer groups.

Return of Traditional Methods

The second trend, with the development of social media, some traditional methods will return to some extent, even to a large extent. Now we have been saying that with the continuous development of technology, channels are gradually improving, and even channels become free, and the lack of content has become a bigger challenge. Although everyone says that TVC is outdated, there is still a demand for these big companies. When everyone becomes homogeneous, content or a video seems to have only two or three days of vitality, everyone still needs something that can touch people’s hearts more, so TVC is good, or more refined I think there will still be a big market for a unique and artisanal production and expression.