How did Youssef Amine achieve success as an entrepreneur and ways you can follow in his footsteps?


Reaching success in your field is a lot easier nowadays than it was a few decades ago. The internet has managed to level the playing field, thus allowing talented professionals to shine, and Youssef Amine is one of them. Youssef has been a part of the social media and influencer world for many years now, and he’s constantly focused on the idea of growth and helping others.

Youssef’s road to excellence

What Youssef did in order to become a successful entrepreneur was focus on just a single plaBorm. Many influencers are spreading themselves too thin because they want to be on many plaBorms. But that’s a challenge, since you are forced to recycle content to have a presence on mulEple different places. That becomes an issue, since the overall quality of the content.

Which means the best thing you can do is to always provide amazing content and maintain a consistent range of soluEons, while pushing the limits with the things you want to achieve. Youssef started focusing on Instagram, and now he has 164000+ followers.

According to Youssef, it’s the niche you have that dictates what plaBorm is beOer. Twitch or YouTube are beOer for gaming, fashion is more prevalent on Instagram, and if you want to reach older audiences, you have Facebook.

You also shouldn’t just wait for opportuniEes. It rarely happens to have opportuniEes knocking on your doorstep. If you want to embark on the road to excellence, then your focus has to be on trying out new things and experimenEng. Every entrepreneur tries a lot of different things unEl one is an eventual success. You can’t expect everything to work exactly the way you want, and that’s why experimenEng and having a plan is extremely helpful. That on its own can make a difference, especially for someone new.

Should you focus on individual talent or teamwork?

It all depends on your niche and the things you want to achieve. Working alone might be a good idea at first, since you don’t have a lot of funds and you’re experimenEng a lot. It can be difficult to hire someone when your financial situaEon isn’t exactly stable. That’s why focusing on work as an individual talent is usually recommended as a beginner. However, eventually, you reach a place where you can’t do all the work on your own.

Which is where Youssef Amine thinks that working as a team makes a lot of sense. Granted, finding the people that gel very well with your personality can be quite a tricky thing. Working as a team brings in conflicts, and arguments, but it also offers new ideas. It also allows you to complete projects much faster, and that can boost your growth.

Many large businesses like Apple for example started in a garage, and now they are massive corporaEons. So yes, you don’t need a large team to start a business, but as it grows, you do eventually need to start creaEng a team and solidify it with great talent. That’s the reason why you want to avoid any rush, because finding a good team takes Eme. If you don’t have the right talent, that might actually bring you down, and that’s an issue.

Forging your own path to success

People like Youssef Amine clearly show that success is not coming for granted, nor is it guaranteed. What you can do is to try and forge your own path to success. You want to push the limits and ensure that you achieve great results. You want to establish your own vision and then establish goals to support that vision.

When you want to be successful, you shouldn’t listen to others, unless you trust those people’s opinions. The truth is that most of the Eme you will receive advice which isn’t going to help you that much. It’s much beOer if you establish your own goals, follow your insEncts and conEnue learning. Of course you will make some mistakes, that’s normal, the main idea is to learn from them and ensure you achieve what you have in mind.

At the same Eme, when you go down this path, you must have a posiEve aZtude. You’ll obviously encounter tons of different challenges or situaEons that can make your life demanding. But at the end of the day, you must stay posiEve and ensure that you sEck to your own path. You will achieve everything as long as you have a posiEve mindset and put in the work.

Success won’t come overnight. It requires planning, consistent work and commitment. As long as you are willing to put in the work and never stop pursuing your goals, you’ll be on your road to excellence!

Goal setting

Goal seZng is crucial for anyone that wants to achieve success in what they do. Regardless of the industry, you always want to have goals that help moEvate you to do new things, reach new heights and innovate. SeZng goals is offering you clarity and they can help you stand out.

Plus, goals are measurable, and that can help you stay moEvated even in Emes when you barely feel or see any progress. You know that results will come. A good example is weight loss, you set goals, but it takes a while to achieve them. You must commit to the idea, put in the work, and eventually you will get there. Sure, there are mishaps and challenges along the way, but if you sEck to your goals you will be fine.

How can you set goals?

  • The first thing you want to do is to figure out what results you want to see. IdenEfy the type of goals you would need in order to reach that result. Once you have a good idea of the things you need to achieve, you can start seZng goals.
  • Establish SMART goals. These goals need to be Specific, Measurable, AOainable, RealisEc and Time-Bound. When you set SMART goals, you will find it easier to measure their progress, and that can be very helpful.
  • It’s important to write your goals down and have them with you. This is a great moEvator and it always encourages you to achieve great success. Yes, it’s definitely a challenge, but it will help you get started.
  • Establish an acEon plan to fulfill those goals. That’s where you need to start creaEng smaller goals that will eventually help complete a larger one. Once you have an acEon plan, this helps acEvate a part of the brain which cements your goals and puts it at the forefront of your acEons.
  • Create a Emeline, it’s very important to have one for your goals because it helps provide a sense of urgency. You need this to moEvate yourself, otherwise it’s in human nature to just push things a liOle more.
  • Once everything is planned out, you must stay moEvated and take acEon. Evaluate your progress o^en and make any course correcEons along the way. That’s how you get to fulfill your goals in the long run.


Youssef Amine used this mindset and approach to achieve success, it worked very well for him and it can definitely work for everyone. SeZng goals, puZng in the work and expanding to a larger team can acEvely help you. Yes, there are will be setbacks, but as Youssef did, you must learn from them and implement the new knowledge to push your growth to new heights. Can you achieve success?

Absolutely, but it will take Eme, effort and persistency!