How do I Choose my seat on Frontier Airlines

frontier airline seat selection
frontier airline seat selection

Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low-cost to fly and can be great for your next trip. People really like picking their seats on Frontier Airlines. It feels awesome to start a trip sitting where you like. If you’re new to this airline, take a look below to learn about how to pick seats and the different kinds they have.

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Frontier Airlines Seats: What You Need to Know

Frontier Airlines has a limited variety of seats, which makes it good. They mainly offer two types of seats: Standard and Stretch Seating. The big difference between them is how much room you get for your legs. 

In Standard Economy, you get less legroom. But in Stretch seating, there’s more space for your legs.

Talking about the cost, Standard seats are way lower than Stretch seating. So, if you’re looking to save money, Standard seats are a better choice.

Choosing Seats on Frontier Airlines: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can pick your seat when you book your flight or during check-in. It’s totally up to you, what is best for you. But remember, the charges might change based on when you do it.

Seat Selection Before Your Flight:

  • Visit the Airline Website Go to the official Frontier Airlines website.
  • Sign In Use your details to log in and access your bookings.
  • Choose Your Booking Pick the flight you want to elect a seat for.
  • Click” Select Seat” Look for this option and click on it.
  • Seat Map You will see a chart showing which seats are taken and available, along with their prices.
  • Pick Your Seat Choose a seat that fits your budget and comfort.
  • Do not forget to pay to confirm your chosen seat for your trip.

Choosing Your Seat During Check-In

Apart from picking your seat when you reserve your flight, you can also do it while you check-in or at the airport before your flight leaves.

  • When you do your check-in online, you can choose your seat. The airline will show you a chart of available seats.
  • If you prefer, you can also talk to the staff at the airport. They can help you pick a seat. Ask them about the open seats and how much they bring.

still, you can see the seats on the map, if you are doing web check- in. But if you are at the field, it’s best to ask the agent about the available seats and how important they’ll cost.

Picking Your Seat on Frontier Airlines

The price for choosing your seat depends on the kind of seat you want and how you do it. Here is what to expect

  • If you pick your seat when you reserve your ticket or up to 24 hours before your flight online, it’s low-cost. It costs $5 for standard seats and $16 for stretch seats.
  • If you choose your seat while doing online check-in, it’s a bit more expensive. Standard seats cost $7, and stretch seats cost $16.
  • If you talk to the airline’s customer service to pick your seat, it’s pricier. Standard seats cost $16, while stretch seats cost $56.
  • Choosing your seat at the airport ticket counter or kiosk is also more expensive. Standard seats cost $16, and stretch seats cost $56.

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Choosing Your Seat for Free on Frontier Airlines

Here’s how to get the seat you want without spending any money:

  • If you have Frontier Elite 20K status, you get to pick your seat for free during check-in. It gives you the freedom to choose without paying.
  • If you have Elite 50K or Elite 100K status, you can select stretch seating without any charge. And the best part? You can do this for up to 8 people on the same booking.
  • Certain credit cards offered by Frontier Airlines also let you choose stretch seating for free. If you have one of these cards, you’re eligible to pick your seat without paying anything extra.