How Do You Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

How Do You Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram?
You cannot find what happened because Instagram or any other platform can’t let you know what the actual reason to get blocked is
Communicating through social media is an easy, fun, reliable, and quick process. Similarly stopping someone to make a connection with you is as easy as adding them. Several reasons can cause this issue you get blocked by anyone on Instagram or any other social media. It can be your ex-partner or colleague who just doesn’t want to stay connected with you. Or someone with a political difference .who doesn’t want to be in your connection anymore.
It’s difficult to decide why you get blocked. Because every person has a reason to stop communicating. Also, there can be a possibility that the person you are trying to connect has already deleted his/her account. You cannot find what happened. Because Instagram or any other platform can’t let you know what the actual reason to get blocked is.

Tips to Find Whether Someone Blocked You

If you are not sure whether any other user has blocked you on Instagram or not, you can find it using the following ways:

Check through Profile

It doesn’t matter whether someone blocked you on Instagram or not but still, their comments will remain there on your posts. So go to your profile and check the comments of the person .whose profile you are trying to search on Instagram. Click on their profile and see if you can view the posts. If there is only a total number of posts and you cannot see anything else. This means that the other person has blocked you and you wouldn’t be able to view their photos, videos, stories, or any other thing.


Instagram Search

The first thing that most users do is search the profile on Instagram and look if it’s still there. If you are unable to find the profile of a user even in the search bar then this means that person has deleted his account permanently. You should contact that person through the contact number and check if he/she is well. Several people try to increase their reach and buy Instagram auto likes to urge other users towards their posts.
If the profile that you are trying to search and check is public then you should be able to see their posts. If you can view all posts this means you are not blocked. Otherwise, if the profile is private then click on follow button to see what that user is sharing in their account.

Lookup Using a Browser

In any web browser, type to access everyone’s Instagram profile. Replace “username” with the real handle of the user you’re looking for if you know it. The error message that says you wouldn’t be able to access that page will appear if you have already logged in. Indicating that you can no longer have access and you are probably blocked.
To make sure the account hasn’t been removed or disabled, you shouldn’t forget to log out and do the search once more in a private browser window. You would get the idea that you have been blocked if you can view the profile. If not, then one thing is sure the account you are trying to access is most likely no longer active.

Examine Your Messages

Check your direct messages to clear any doubts in your mind. Because Instagram will not let you see the conversation threads that you made with someone if that person has blocked you. You’re safe if you’re still able to check and see your conversation. Otherwise, you may have been blocked.
Also, you can check the group conversation you made with that person. To see whether the person’s name displays to check if they have deactivated or canceled their account. If you can see their comments, likes, shares, or other activities in the group but are not able to view them anywhere else. Then that means that you got blocked by that person. Sometimes people even buy Instagram comments to increase their engagement, so don’t forget to find the right one from the list.


Follow Them Once More


Check to check whether you can follow this person if you can see their profile. If they have blocked you then you cannot follow them in any case. Even if you tap on the follow button several times, still it wouldn’t make the difference, all you can do is just view it and nothing else. No matter what notifications you send, they won’t receive them. Also, you cannot have access to message them or connect with them in any way.

Try From a Different Instagram Account

You can try using the account of your friend or your other account and that is the easiest method. Using your second account can be a good option, or you can try searching for them or ask a trusted friend to quickly hunt them up. Unfortunately, if everything appears to be in order from your friend’s account or your second account .it’s clear that you are blocked by them.

Circumstances If Someone Blocked You on Instagram:

After trying all the sources and methods this must be clear to you that you are blocked by that person. you cannot access them anymore on Instagram. It’s crucial to consider the circumstances. While it might be difficult to accept, consider what affected them that their step led to this.
Typically, people don’t block other users without a reason. Analyze if you said anything wrong, disrespectful or inappropriate. Perhaps something that has caused them pain or any of your activity or people around you hurt them.
The Internet is full of all kinds of people and you cannot deny that fact, every person has their nature. You cannot save yourself from trolleys or people with negative thoughts present on social media.

Behavior affects:

If you are one of those violators or you know anyone in your surroundings then .let them know about the guidelines for using the internet. You should know about the ethics of using the internet and how you should behave with other users. Having positive behavior affects the surroundings in a good way.