Before getting into any detail about hydrovac excavation, let’s first understand what it is excavation? What is the importance of hydrovacing? And where these terms and technologies are used? These terms are purely connected to the construction and building industry, where many pre-requisite is essential to fulfilling before planning to build a massive building with a deep foundation. A new structure over a new land needs a clean and prepared ground. You may say hydro excavation is all about knowing the structure of your land, what is inside it, and how it will react when there is a burden on a building?

What is hydrovac excavation?

As the name implies, Hydrovacing or hydrovac excavation uses high-pressure water and a high-volume vacuum for excavation processes. It is the safest and most cost-effective solution when compared to traditional excavations. The uses of a hydrovac truck are limitless, requiring only two crew members to operate it. Regardless of the safety promises of Canadian hydrovac services, carrying out a safety plan is essential to avoid unwanted scenarios. The earth is converted into the slurry and stored in a truck-mounted tank for safe disposal.

Mechanism of Canadian hydrovacing

Hydrovac excavation works like a wonder as it clears out a significant ground in no time and provides you with a clear area to start your construction. As mentioned earlier, hydrovac excavation works with pressurized water, but this process comprises two parts: Excavation and vacuum. Excavation is all about digging deep and using the pressurized water to turn the soil into a dirt slurry. The next part is vacuum suction. This part comprises a high-pressure suction pump that sucks out all the dirt slurry from the hole and spits it out.

A wonderful technique

In short, hydrovac excavation is like the beautiful collaboration of air vacuum and pressurized water technology. This machine makes excavation easier and proves its worth on the big construction sites. It is essential to understand that the most critical part of this land vacuum is to break down the soil into tiny parts that can quickly turn into a slurry with the pressurized water. The slurry cannot be reused on construction sites and must be appropriately dumped to avoid environmental hazards. This is where the truck-mounted tank comes in handy.

Why is hydrovac a good option?

Well! Why not?

There is no danger of cutting out the underwires, or even the roots of the trees are safe in this procedure, so this procedure is a big yes for everyone. There is one thing to notice, it is essential to assess the land profoundly before getting into any such operation as hydrovacing can give you the best results, but a safe side is a must. If we cut everything short, hydrovac excavation is a beautiful and high-end invention in the excavation field that is proving its worth by working perfectly on every type of land.


If you belong to the construction and building industry, you must know how risky it is to build something over an unprepared foundation. Opting for the hydrovacs and experienced crew that can provide you with the best results in no time is essential to provide safe results in unique places like Summit Edmonton or elsewhere. Designing some unique and hyper-realistic building structures without messing around with the land is no longer a dream, as hydrovac excavation is all set to make things better at both ends. Get your hands on some of the latest building and construction techniques and enjoy a new era of civil engineering.