How Fincover is reshaping the Finance game with their cutting edge platform?


Personal Loan is a popular financial tools that will come to your rescue when you are in a financial emergency. With no restriction on funds and flexible repayment schedules, these forms of credit have become super popular among the public. From a few lenders (mainly government authorized banks) that lent personal loan to the deserved, the personal loan market has expanded rapidly to build a thriving ecosystem of private banks, NBFCs, and many other loan apps.

From a user perspective, it is quite difficult to pick and choose the best personal loan in the market; there are various sites that have mushroomed in the recent past to provide solutions to this problem. These are mainly fintech sites, which collate multiple offers from all the leading institutions to build a platform from where users can compare various loan options. 

Fincover, a fintech startup based in Chennai has been making rapid strides in the Indian fintech space within 2 years of operation. Started in the year 2020 amidst the pandemic, they successfully overcame the barriers associated with the pandemic-induced market crashes in the fintech sector. Naresh Rajaram and A Gurumoorthy, Founders of capitalized on the rapid adoption of new-age Banking, Finance Services and Insurance (BFSI) products, including digital lending services to create Fincover, a one-stop platform for all-things related to Finance. has tied up with all leading banks, NBFCs, insurance companies, fund houses, and other leading financial institutions to distribute their products to Indian customers. Through their portal, people can compare various financial products from various companies to take a well-informed decision. Till date, they have distributed more than 100 crores in Personal Loans, and 50+crores in Business Loans. They claims to have average organic traffic of 1,00,000 on its website every month

Naresh Rajaram, who also developed the platform said “We aim to fuel the aspirations of our customers through an easy and seamless credit-lending, insurance buying process through our platform”. 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of finance, technology is the driving force reshaping the way we manage and interact with our finances. Talking about their technical capability, Naresh adds “Talking about their platform which is touted to be technically superior compared to their peers, Naresh adds “We solely relied on our technical expertise to build a platform that breaks complex problems into simple and easily accessible ones. At the core of our success lies a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure that forms the backbone of our financial solutions. Our robust systems are built on the latest advancements in AI and MI, ensuring unparalleled scalability and efficiency”

For any site to register in the minds of the user, User experience is a top priority in any development process. Fincover boasts of having a clean and clutter free interfaces that make navigating our platforms a breeze. Whether you are accessing their services through a desktop or mobile device, our user-friendly designs prioritize simplicity without compromising functionality.

Manjunath Thimman, Director of said “The traditional lending method has missed out serving vast section of people with real requirements. It’s where we step in as a company, we aim to enlighten the underserved audience about financial management and ensure social mobility through this process. We have collaborated with several NBFCs that extend loan to even low-income employees” has presently 150+ employees in house and have also partnered with more than 10000 financial advisors and insurance agents for distribution. Kumaran, Director of said they have huge expansion plans in the upcoming years “We envisioned pan-India presence when we started, and now within three years, we are slowly getting there. It’s not an easy task as the fintech arena is ripe with heavy competition, and it is importance for us to stay ahead of the curve, which we hope to achieve through technical expertise”. 

The team is working hard on developing their mobile app, which they hope to launch around the New Year. Naresh promises that Fincover app will be game changer within the fintech space. Making the right financial decisions shouldn’t feel like navigating a maze with sites like Fincover around to help you. It would be interesting to see their progress.

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