How Girls Do Sex Between Them; Uses And Benefits Of Sex Toys


Women feel great pleasure in having sex with the same gender because they are aware of the similar parts of the body, and there is no requirement for ejaculation between them. Due to this, sex between women can be prolonged and deep and more passionate than sex with the opposite gender. There are generally five basic patterns of sex between females: rubbing the genitals with each other, caressing, using sex toys, kissing, and cunnilingus.

How do lesbians have sex?

Kissing, using sex toys, rubbing genitals together, caressing and cunnilingus are the five basic patterns of females having sex with each other. In such cases, the role of women is different from upside and downside. The upper side contains licking of nipples, breasts, and deep smooch, and the downward side relates to the attack side in which proper mouth and tongue are placed in the inner side of the vagina for orgasm.

  • Kissing

Kissing is one of the crucial parts of sex. There is no doubt in the fact that lesbians start with kissing and also end with kissing. There are different varieties of kissing, from a lighter one starting from the neck to more intense kisses. Try putting the tongue in each other mouth and alternatively start doing kisses on the breast area with kissing on nipples. Some lesbians feel shy at their first kiss, but after that start closing their eyes and move to the passionate deep kissing.

  • Caressing

Use the fingers, tongue, and lips to lick the bottom area. Women feel immense pleasure when their genitals organs get kissed and rubbed with the help of lips or fingers. Once your partner closes her eyes and starts feeling sound sensations, the other partner will also enjoy watching the multiple reactions of partners and put more effort into making her enjoy and masturbate.

  • Cunnilingus

Use the tip corner of your tongue for caressing your partner’s vagina and clitoris. Biting on or near the clitoris or sucking the genitals is more effective in orgasm. It depends upon the partner’s excitement which makes the other two and in this way, both enjoy unforgettable sex.

  • Genitals together

Another form of sex between the girls is putting and rubbing their genitals together. This position of this form can be easily watched in porn videos. These positions cannot be done in straight couples as it is made for lesbians. Vaginal secretion increases as the excitement between females increases, and you want to lie down in your partner’s arms with a naked body while closing your eyes and enjoying. Moreover, sex toys can be used for the best results. If you are not getting sex toys working well, you can rub too much on your genitals together to produce immense heat.

  • Using sex toys

When it comes to sex between females, sexual toys for lesbians come as the first choice. However, not all lesbians use sex toys because it reminds them of the male genitals, and they enjoy their own company without involving the single aspect of men’s body organs. Here are the familiar sex toys used by lesbians to remove their pangs of hunger for sex.

  • Strap-on

Strap-on is one of the famous categories of sex toys that most lesbians use. Women can choose this vibrator dildo according to the size of their vagina, which is easily fitted into it. But, of course, men can also use it to put their penis as it is hollow from the back. This is a fantastic product with a pink controller and a simple belt of black color.

You can easily pinch out the controller and change the size according to your comfort zone, and you may find yourself organs within minutes as it gives pleasure after putting them into your sex organ. For newly lesbian couples, it should be your priority.

  • Erotic partner Size

The EROTIC PARTNER Size is one of the smooth and convenient forms of sexual toys for lesbians that can easily be inserted into your vagina. It is a bi-sexual product and can also be used by men. Male genitalia may feel comfortable in using it. If you are satisfied with the hollow space’s hardness, then you can place something soft or any other kind of tissue for a distinct feeling. Furthermore, it is also skin-friendly and clinically proven.

  • Doc Johnson Body Extensions

The Doc Johnson Body Extension is a unique form of a sex toy with a uniform housing of black color. It is a wireless vibrator that can continuously be used for nearly an hour. The price of this sex toy is relatively high, but the manufacturer guarantees a high level of satisfaction. It has extreme patterns of vibrations, and one can use it according to your mood.

  • Double dildo

The double dildo looks the same as the penis and has two glans at both ends for inserting two vaginas simultaneously. It can satisfy two females at one time. The size is also huge in length, at about 15 inches. When two women get connected, they can use this double dildo to insert into their vagina for getting sexual satisfaction. Also, the movement of one female interferes with the other in such a way that they both can enjoy and have fun. Moreover, if you are a fan of orgasms internally, the Double dildo is made for you!

Benefits of using sex toys

  • One of the core advantages of using a sex toy is that you can orgasm unlimited time.
  • There is no limit to caressing, which you do with your fingers or tongue.
  • With the help of sex, you can enjoy your own company by purring it upside or downside without feeling tired.
  • These quality-based products are skin-friendly, and one can enjoy an exciting sex experience with them.

Things to remember before using sex toys

  • If your partner is not comfortable enjoying a sex toy, then do not force it on her.
  • Stop using the toy if you start feeling pain or any skin-burning sensations.
  • Sex toys should always be used after washing them if they are waterproof or cleaning them if they are not waterproof.