How is life in Naples?


Naples provides one of the most stimulating living and learning environments in all of Europe with its five universities and countless research institutes along with the best student accommodation Naples. Students here are enrolled in a vibrant academic environment because of the campus location and this intellectually stimulating setting. Naples also benefits from having one of the most beautiful backgrounds on the planet.

Its cobblestone alleyways reveal layers of history as you meander amongst the numerous pubs, eateries, and art galleries. A vibrant modern art culture, found in galleries, museums, and even metro stations, is steadily advancing the city’s cultural comeback.

Living expenses in Naples, Italy

When compared to other locations in central Europe, Naples offers a comparatively low cost of living. The rental of one’s housing is typically the biggest expense for a student. Due to the small number of homes and their considerable distance from one another, students typically reside in single rooms in shared apartments. As a result, it is advised that you look for and evaluate various room and shared flat offers in advance. Since this is one of the most populous cities in southern Italy, there is a huge demand for lodging. You can check out online student property platforms to locate and book safe and affordable housing.

In addition to lodging, you also need to budget for additional costs like shopping, travel, or leisure activities. All of this usually comes at a quite affordable price. In summary, a student’s monthly budget in Naples typically ranges from € 500 to € 600, depending primarily on lifestyle choices and rental costs.

Student Housing

There are few options for Student Accommodation Naples, and the university only offers a small number of rooms. Here are a few details.

Accommodation options at universities: These are known as the residences for students. The Regione Campania owns the residence, which is made available on a competitive basis through special calls that are posted on this website on a regular basis. A double occupancy space costs 250 euros per month, and a single occupancy room costs 350 euros per month. The majority of the time, they are in brand-new structures with all the extras (air conditioning, WI-FI, laundry, and a gym). The use of the study rooms and communal kitchens (one on each level), as well as a weekly laundry and bedding change, are all included in the fee.

Private accommodations: Students are available with private homes rented out by numerous private homes. Accommodations typically refer to a room (either single or double occupancy) with access to the kitchen and bathroom. There are many top letting agencies that help you locate private student accommodation within your budget. Given the size of Naples, we advise you to look for lodging close to the campus of Monte Sant’Angelo or, at least, close to a metro station.

Parties and leisure in Naples

Naples is a big city with many of venues to go out and party or have a drink. Due to the abundance of bars and other venues in the city’s historic center, where they may socialize with friends or make new ones, young people tend to congregate there. Popular neighborhoods in Naples include San Domenico, Orientale, and Piazza Bellini. But you also frequently visit places that are a little bit more out of town, like the Arenile nightclub, which is easily accessible by bus.

The student associations in Naples host additional activities and parties that students attend. You’ll be able to go to various Italian towns and take part in events that are quite popular among young people, such as theme parties. It is highly recommended that you seek out and become a member of one of these associations, not just for the fun, but also because membership entitles you to amazing deals and discounts at eateries, venues, and transportation.

Culture and gastronomy in Naples

Naples offers a large selection of recreational opportunities. Fantastic monuments honoring long-standing customs can be found. You can learn about Naples’ present culture and customs by exploring and visiting this city. For example, Neapolitans place great importance on events like Palm Sunday. You can fully explore their culture if you make an effort to follow their customs. A few places worth seeing that showcase the historical and cultural diversity of this city are the Castel dell’Ovo (literally, “egg castle”), the Castel Nuovo (New Castle), and the Royal Palace of Naples. To learn about the lore and history of every location in the city, you can go on a guided tour.

The traditional gastronomy of this city is another aspect of its culture. You ought to taste some of the most popular Neapolitan recipes, regardless of whether you plan to spend a season or are simply visiting. The most well-known foods include pizza (the two specialties of this city without the margarita and the marinera), desserts such as Neapolitan sfogliatelle, and other pasta varieties (Neapolitan spaghetti, pasta with ragú sauce, etc.).