How making the right strategic policies will make the world beautiful; According to Human rights consultant Satpreet Singh


Strategical policies are not only crucial in the corporate world, but they are also important when it comes to implementing human rights in society. By it, we mean that sometimes we make rules, but we see a lack of planning when executing and exercising them at the time of need.

The concept of human rightsis to protect the individual’s dignity in an inspiring waybased on equality, tolerance, and affirmation. Though we are in the 21st century and people are becoming increasingly aware of fundamental human rights, we still have much more to do.

Human rights involve the rights of every single individual regardless of gender, race, identity, and religion; however, we see a lot of disruption regarding immigrant rights. Immigrants’ and refugees’ rights are still not getting enough acknowledgment. There are many violent cases against them, including incidents where the attacks were fatal.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), around 161 anti-Asian hate crimes took place in 2019, which surged to 279 in 2020. Giving a religious break-up, the FBI said that 54 anti-Sikh crimes occurred in 2019, which rose to 89 in 2020.

In June this year, Satnam Singh, 31, was shot dead while sitting in SUV down the street from his home in New York. This came days after Sai CharanNakka, a 25-year-old techie from Telangana, was killed after sustaining an apparent gunshot wound to his head in Maryland.

Besides the gruesome killings, IndianAmericans have been consistently battling racial taunts, assaults, hate-crime robberies, and vandalism of their properties.

We need a proper strategy to overcome the stretch between the masses and recognize the rights of a non-native or a foreigner. Satpreet Singh, an Indian immigrant based in the United States of America, has the best idea to overcome the crisis.

Satpreet Singh

As an immigrant, Satpreet Singh is one of many working to improve the lives of immigrants and foreign nationals in America. He has taken notes to form his experience of being an immigrant finding what is wrong with people’s behavior when treating immigrants. Singh is also an author, entrepreneur, businessman, researcher, professor, IRS EA, CTEC, SRTP, California Immigration Consultant, insurance broker, and insurance agent of Punjabi-Indian-American origin. He is also the CEO of Ardass Corporation. He has 16 years of experience in the field of business, making him a successful person and businessman.

He was born in India and had a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Economics, and Computer Applications from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.As a responsible person, he must make people aware of human rights. To him, it is only possible if we use good strategic plans to implement fairness.