How Much Value Does an ADU Add to Your Home in Montebello?

ADU Builder in Montebello

Are you trying to find strategies to increase the worth of your Montebello property? If you want to increase the value of your home, you’ve surely thought about installing an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). But despite all the choices and complexity, one question usually comes up: How much value does an ADU add to your home in Montebello?

King Home Remodeling, the most skilled and reputed ADU builder in Montebello, claims that these days, it is a wise decision to add an in-law suite to your property’s backyard rather than buy a new home. It’s because real estate businesses are not that promising after the pandemic. The rate of recovery is very slow, and the homeowners will not get the desired ROI.

Do ADUs Increase the Value of Your Home?

ADUs are preferred by Montebello homeowners since they are versatile. For several homeowners, having the ability to care for aging parents or adult children is a significant social advantage and personal satisfaction. Nowadays, the intergenerational living style has become more and more popular in California. Therefore, many Montebello builders like King Home Remodeling are addressing these elements from the perspective of an ADU addition.

ADUs are a great way to satisfy such specific requisites. Also, ADUs are growing in demand as a clear solution for homeowners who prefer to age in place. As people age, the likelihood for downsizing their homes safely and realistically becomes more significant. For senior citizens, an ADU is a great solution, especially if it has no stairs or ramps and is on the same level. Therefore, many Montebello builders like King Home Remodeling are focusing on these parameters from the perspective of an ADU addition.

Supporters of ADUs also appreciate the opportunity that ADUs provide for in-fill housing. ADUs are a decent way to improve housing crises in several Montebello neighborhoods where there is a shortage of vacant properties. But does adding an ADU boost a property’s value?

ADU Benefits

Together with social benefits, ADUs also offer several financial gains. Based on your property and location, ADUs can raise the property value by nearly 30%. ADUs also boost a home’s asking price by more than 50%. Numerous property owners value both the possibility of providing housing for family members along with the potential to rent their property, generating passive revenue in the process.

Usually, the added square footage and/or rental income determine the hike in property value. For instance, neighborhood comparisons reveal that homes in strategic locations are selling for a substantial price. Your 2,500-square-foot home will probably get valued at a price that may exceed your expectations.

In comparison to the value the ADU brings to your Montebello property, the cost of installation may be negligible. According to the current market trends, adding an ADU in Los Angeles County, for instance, may increase the property’s resale value by as much as several hundred dollars. Given that King Home Remodeling in Montebello normally secures permits for the construction of an ADU as the Company thinks it will be an ideal scope for a feasible return on investment.

Important Considerations

However, it’s crucial to take the remaining portion of your property into account while planning and building an ADU. The value of your Montebello home may be lowered if the new addition appears odd, has a subpar construction or curb appeal, or is awkward when compared to your nearby buildings.

On the flip side, if your ADU is built elegantly and has proper reinforcements, it will significantly affect your subsequent appraisal! Furthermore, the value of your property will increase if it is the only one in the community with an ADU. Do ADUs raise the value of a house, then? They do, indeed!


You should speak with a Montebello builder you can trust to avoid being caught off guard by hidden costs and levies if you want to maximize your return on investment. Complete services are available from King Home Remodeling, including design, permitting, and on-site installation. Contact their offices right away to start your most ambitious ADU project!