Leave joy-sparking out. According to a recent poll, 71% of American adults say they spend more time cleaning than before. People now spend an average of 458 hours annually cleaning their homes thanks to two years of seclusion and the threat of diseases lurking around every corner. To put that into context, that is roughly double the amount of cleaning they did in 2019—more than eight hours each week.

Nevertheless, it goes beyond pandemic anxieties. A tidy home has a cozy atmosphere. It might be a comfortable setting where you can unwind while engaging in your hobbies or spending time with your loved ones.

This article will review how often a home should be cleaned, from top to bottom. But before we do that, let’s divide the house into sections. 

The kitchen 

The best place to stop the transmission of germs is in the kitchen. A kitchen has to be lightly cleaned every day and thoroughly cleaned every one to two weeks.

Every day, wipe down counters and dirty dishes. Dishes shouldn’t accumulate in the kitchen sink. Instead, clean your kitchen countertops and other surfaces once a day. Clean up any food spills immediately, whether they occur on counters or in the refrigerator.

Clean the inside of the refrigerator from top to bottom. Be sure to clean the interior of your fridge as part of your weekly cleaning. Discard food that has gone bad. To get rid of any bacteria, spray the shelves. Then use hot water to clean the interior.

The kitchen is also the heart of the home. Accidents from anyone in the home can become big problems if left unchecked. Regularly check the kitchen taps and pipes for signs of water damage. Water damage cleaning may be needed in your kitchen if there are any. 

The bathroom 

Daily or every few days, cleaning the sink is recommended, especially if you have children who spit out their toothpaste.

Toilets may be filthy too. Not simply human waste contributes to a toilet’s unappealing appearance. The toilet is more difficult to keep clean and is stained by hard water. Because of the mineral buildup, even toilets in bathrooms you don’t frequently use rapidly seem unclean. At least once a week, try to clean the used toilets.

Bathroom towels serve as a haven for microorganisms. Although it’s simple to put off cleaning bath towels and hand towels, aim to do it a few times every week. Bacteria might also be drawn to the tub and bath mat. Regularly clean your shower, tub, and bath mats.

 Installing an exhaust fan can help air out the bathroom. Remember, your bathroom can host all kinds of nasty things like mold and mildew because of a damp, warm environment. Mold removal and dehumidification go hand in hand. 

The bedroom 

Most mattresses require a little cleaning and a bacterial-killing chemical spray. If you routinely clean your mattress, you shouldn’t experience any issues with allergies, dust mites, dead skin cells, or bed bugs.

Organize the clutter as well. When you bring your clean laundry to your room, put it away. As you remove your clothing, the dirty laundry goes into the hamper. Keep an eye out for odors that may smell unfamiliar to you. If it’s not the dirty laundry, remember that mold and mildew that go unnoticed by the eye can sometimes be found through their smell. 

You may need odor control services depending on how excessive your mold problem is. Mold inspection and tests carried out by a professional can be very useful. Especially when you are inexperienced. 

The Attic 

While cleaning their attics, homeowners should start by inspecting the insulation. It’s crucial to have the damage fixed as soon as possible if any damage has been caused by rodent infestations or water intrusion. First off, outdated or broken insulation can have a huge, adverse effect on your electricity bills.

Water leaks frequently bring on insulation degradation. Thus, water damage prevention is crucial in attics. 


All homes require cleaning. That is the job of the homeowners. However, for other problems like water damage, the presence of mold, and mildew, there is always Zavza Seal LLC (https://zavzaseal.com). Contact them today by clicking here for their website.

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