How Software Localization Improves Your Business

localization of software

Nelson Mandela once said that if you communicate with a man in a language he comprehends, it simply goes to his head. But if you use his own language, it reaches his heart.” And that is where translation and localization come in. Translation allows you to venture into global markets by capturing the consumer’s heart by speaking their language. Software localization ensures your software is easy to understand and use. Furthermore, it enables you to tailor them to match your target market’s language and culture by translating the user interface help files and documentation. Here’s more about how software localization improves and impacts your business.

Reach Wider Audience

When venturing into global markets, it’s important to note that some of your consumers don’t speak or understand your local language. Therefore, you use localization to adapt their language to make it easier for them to understand. This means you’ll reach more people than when using a foreign language. For instance, if you’re venturing into Asian countries such as China or Japan, you’ll have an easy time by localizing your software to match Chinese or Japanese culture and language instead of using English.

Enhance Clickthrough Rate

Localization of software modification of the graphical user interface, such as menus, call-to-action buttons, graphics, and scripts. Enhancing these components ensures the user can easily understand what to do and why. For instance, a customer may need to purchase or enquire about a product. Presented with software options, one in their local language and another in a foreign language, they’ll automatically use the one they can understand. This is because it’s easy to navigate, saving time and energy, especially if they need to consult translation software.

Increase Sales

With Software localization, you have reached a broader population and increased the clickthrough rate. Therefore, more people are using your platform and browsing through your CTAs. Consequently, this will translate to higher uptake of your products and services. This is because you’ll attract those who speak and understand the local and foreign languages and those who only understand the local language.

Beat the Competition

Succeeding in a new market means your products and services must stand out to beat the competition. Therefore, if people are to trust your software or platforms, they must understand and relate to it. Consequently, you must show them that your software is better than what they’re used to. Localization ensures you use an understandable language and culture. This enables you to clearly show your consumers how they can benefit from your software. Also, it becomes easy to maximize your competitors’ weaknesses and provide better services or products.

Increase Customer Retention

Localization enhances the number of repeat customers. With an improved user experience, a consumer will likely use your product or service more than once. This leads to brand loyalty improving your international presence.

Software localization is the best way to venture into global markets. It enables you to use the local language and culture to reach a broader population, increase clickthrough rate and improve sales.