If you’re planning an event it could challenge. Thanks to the advances in technology, most of the planning involved in weddings is easy. Weddings are an occasion that is unique for every couple. Along with the excitement comes the stress of organizing everything from invitations to the wedding location and catering. The entire process can be stress-inducing and exhausting.

Today, we’ll take a look at one aspect of wedding planning:  the wedding address collection. This is the first problem which is faced when planning your wedding. The initial step of planning your wedding is sending invitations to all the people you love, including friends and family. Though the process of designing the invitation cards for your wedding can be difficult in itself, the process of gathering addresses is an entirely different issue.

It’s possible that you have all your acquaintances’ Instagram handles memorized, however that’s only what you’re able to do in the world of contact numbers these days… We can’t even remember the phone number and street address! Wedding invitations are supposed to be sent by mail (not delivered electronically) You’ll be able to determine the best way to put them on the envelopes. This is why we’ve put together a list of ideas for the best way to gather what you want without appearing uncomfortable.


1. Do Ask Your Parents For Help.

It’s likely that your parents’ addresses are still in a paper address book. You can ask if you could borrow their treasured books for a few days and then save all the details into your own database.

2. Don’t Just Focus On The Wedding.

In no time you’ll be sending thank-you cards and notes for the holidays (maybe perhaps even birth announcements? ) It’s best to begin collecting this information now. If your family members or parents provide the contact information of someone else you’re not planning to invite to your wedding, be sure you keep it in secure storage.

3. Do Invite Your Wedding Guests.

The groomsmen and bridesmaids are likely to be friends with a few of the guests you’ve put on your guest list. Instead of giving yourself a ton of work, offer everyone in the wedding party a quick list of the guests’ addresses you require. The roommate from your college days will be able to find your other college buddies’ addresses, while your cousin will be able to get in contact with all of the other cousins’ addresses.

4. Don’t Ask Everyone You Know On Social Media.

If you’ve declared that you’re getting married, people will find out that the request for addresses to be used in mailings is connected to the invitations you’ve sent out. Therefore, if you share an update on Facebook asking every single person you know to give their address details they’ll expect to receive an invitation. Make this process more private than it is public.

5. Feel Free To Request!

There’s nothing wrong with calling, emailing, or texting a friend soliciting their address. In the end, people want to receive mail that’s not just junk mail, therefore they’ll be delighted to learn that something tasty will be arriving in their mailbox very soon. If you’re using your own wedding website, look at whether the site has the ability to address collection as well! We’ve created this useful wedding address book tool to make it simple.