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Every school-going student dreams of going to college from a very early age. The entertaining picture of college is that it would provide freedom. Bunking classes, moving to a new place, etc. But when one starts college, the reality hits and it hits hard. And in a few days, college life becomes a pain.

There are various reasons why it is tagged as a painful phase. The busy schedule, multitasking demands on a daily basis, part-time job, and strict professors. Yes, you read right. You might think of having fun as well as freedom but the professors are more strict than in schools. It is like a leveling up for the teachers as well.

Professors not only penalize you for missing classes but regular assignments can leave you with no free time. You are supposed to study, attend regular classes, do extra-curricular activities, and complete assignments. The assignments are a very important part of assessments we all know. But the assignments provided in college remain complex and huge.

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Are you stressing over how you can make your life easier in college? How can you make the professors go easy on you? Well, it would require you to make some bold decisions. You can take off the load by just befriending the professor. So, this blog is dedicated to some tips that can be useful for you in becoming friends with the professor. It will be a bit difficult and you will need to make the right move. You are not supposed to overdo it or you are done!


This step can be considered a non-negotiable one. It is the law of nature that you cannot be friends with someone whom you do not know. Thus, it applies the same to the professor. Any relationship starts with knowing each other.

You are supposed to crack that push button that can be used for ticking them off. It will excite them and compel them to talk to you. But every professor has a way of working. They have different attitudes and likings. Some like quietness, some like talking to students. well, not unnecessarily of course. The beliefs of the professors also vary from each other.

Now if you are wondering where you can start talking with them, it is outside the classroom. The result or the outcome of this approach will vary according to the personality of the professor. If the professor remains approachable then it will be easy for you. if the professor is snobbish, then it will take some time for you to start having a conversation with them.

If the professor remains strict then the only way to get their attention is by performing well in class. Submitting assignments on time with no plagiarism as completed by assignment helps academic writers. You also need to excel in the tests as well and score high. You can also take help from the native writers of assignment help Melbourne for getting an A grade assignment every time.

Whenever you get the chance to talk with the concerned professor, you should try to find out their likes, hobbies, favourites, dislikes, academic qualifications, research works, and awards and achievements.

You need to make that first encounter count. It will only make way for the following ones. You never know when you will be able to have a talk with them again. They do not have much time with all the chores on their plate. They usually do not like wasting time as well.

And, chitchatting can be considered a waste of time by them. Do not get anxious or stressed otherwise you will mess up the first impression outside the class. keep trying and do not get disheartened. They are professors, not anyone who will respond to you like your classmates. It will eventually become easier if you have that first conversation properly.

Also, you can do your research before approaching him. If you would have an idea about some of these prospects then it would be easy for you to converse things about them. You can look him up on the internet. You can also search in social media applications just to have an idea of this personality.

You can also make use of the school directory as well as yearbooks. But remember acquiring information is a different thing, it should not be like stalking, just a reminder. You should be desperate to get that easy pass in the class but earn it with your hard work if this tip is not welcomed by the professor.

Lastly, the most attractive part of getting to know someone is being open to the other person. It encourages them to come on the same page. It is the very basic basis of friendship with anyone. If one gets open up with you then they start trusting you and get comfortable in your presence. But you will need more information about your professor to achieve this stage. Well, successfully befriending anyone can be treated as a by-product of that person liking you.


It is human nature that when their work is praised, they always like it. it is flattery but if the person is genuinely hard working then there is no false behaviour here. The professors are known to get happy when their work gets good comments. It is supposed to be like this as they have worked really hard to get the position of professor.

It takes a lot in terms of great hard work, time, and energy to complete the PhD. If you will mention his work in front of him it is taken as your interest in the kind of work he has accomplished. You are supposed to mention some good details about their work and show curiosity to know more.


Express the attitude of furthering the conversation some other day if there remains a lack of time. But, you would need familiarization with his work to a great extent and thus, you will need to read his research papers. You can also take an idea from where he would take help like assignment help Melbourne.

You can also say positive things about the professor’s education and the choice of institute done by him. The achievements need special mention with your eagerness to ask for his opinion on your future plans. Do not overdo this part also as he might get uncomfortable sharing such information with you.


It is always better to bring up the topic of the common interest that you share with your professor. For instance, when you commend his works you can make an idea about the replies about his likings in the academic field. Other factors include sports, movies, TV shows, values as well as beliefs. Values and beliefs are very sensitive topics to talk about. So restrict yourself from starting with touchy topics, it can get uncomfortable.

It is very critical that you do not lie at this point if you do not share any of your interests with your professor. This aspect has its own ways. This can start by seeding the base of a long conversation about the reasons why you dislike it. And it is a quality of professors that they catch a tint of lie also. Thus, again do not exhaust your buttering and flattering from very early. If you genuinely want the professor to become your friend then be true to them. But, once in a while buttering and flattering are also liked by them.


This is a realistic approach to getting a professor like you back. Yes, you would have to spend some money but is it not worth it? You know it is not necessarily supposed to be an expensive gift but you need to chuck down on what he likes in general. Like a plant that can give him the sign of peace and a cool start between you two. You can also get him his favourite coffee and food. You can also give him a good book from the genre he likes. He would take it as a token of appreciation from you.


For instance imagine yourself in the shoes of the professor. How would you feel if someone brown noses at you just for the sake of gaining an advantage? Does it not hurt? Thus, take your time. Act according to the response you get back from your professor. Try to show him your passion.

Then only you will get accepted. Professors are also human beings. They just get through a lot to get this position. They would welcome you as they also have all the same emotions as you. It would take time but do not become restless. Keep trying and you will not fail. It is a guarantee.