Buying a golf property can be exciting and fun, but it is not always easy. With so many things to consider, like location or maintenance costs, it is a clever idea to plan. 

Reasons to purchase a golf property

Sporting facilities of the highest quality

All facilities are available to property owners with guests and residents enjoying exclusive discounts and access. You may find five-star hotels, spas, clubs for swimming and sailing, top-end restaurants, clubhouses, and water parks, as well as first-class practice areas.

Security and safety

Many resorts benefit from strict security measures and strict legal restrictions and limitations. This gives residents peace of mind in terms of their properties and their wellbeing.

Beautifully landscaped surroundings

A golf resort is a peaceful, relaxing place. Although only a third of property owners are golfers, all can enjoy the beautifully maintained courses, the neat and green neighborhoods, and the well-kept communal areas.

Social life

The resorts offer social activities throughout the year, making it easy for gain new friends and to build relationships.

There are many options for property choices

Resorts offer a variety of properties, from 1-bedroom apartments to luxurious multi-million-pound villas. Residents enjoy the same benefits regardless of their property and are guaranteed the same build quality as well as legal guarantees.

Attractive resort rental properties

The appeal of resort properties is high. Many people want to enjoy the wide range of leisure and wellness amenities available, as well as the convenience of getting around.

Trends in golf property

Environment awareness

Property buyers are now more conscious of the need to make choices that will benefit the environment and their well-being. Prospective buyers and residents want the freedom to spend prolonged periods at their golf homes and enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Design requirements

Pandemic thinking is changing the way property owners work with designers. Golf property owners are placing more emphasis on outdoor living and aspirational homes.

Homes for long-term stays

Retired people and empty nesters are more active than ever – they travel, stay, play, and enjoy their long-stay homes. 


Physical distancing has become a priority for everyone due to stricter protocols and health measures, which leads to increased privacy.

Attractions at golf resorts

Access to leisure facilities that are family-oriented and lifestyle-oriented is a big draw for both golfers and non-golfers.

Future predictions and key factors

Travel spontaneously

People have become more comfortable with uncertainty and are more likely to make quick decisions about travel. They want to pack their bags and get on the road.

Bubble tourism

It is safer to be in a bubble than it is to take on health risks. Golf properties can be rented or owned. They offer privacy and greater access to the outdoors, which leads to a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically.

Modifications to design

It is important to consider the lessons learned in the past 12 months. This requires a rethinking of property design, for better connectivity between indoors and outdoors, more light, better air circulation, and space for homeworking.


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