How to Buy a Laptop for Elderly People in UK


We have been using computers and other such devices all our life so understanding their features and technology is not a problem for us. But some elderly people like our grandparents are new to such devices so it becomes difficult for them to use them properly.

They are mostly hesitant in using new technology but if you encourage them and guide them properly they can use it as efficiently as you could. So educate them and assist them before totally leaving them alone with that new device. Most old people use computers for sending mails, doing some research and staying in touch with their family and friends.

They don’t need to do any professional level video editing or programming so buying a computer for elderly people is comparatively easier. But if you’re planning to buy your grandparents a new PC then there are few things which should be kept in mind.

Similarity for fast learning

Similarity is the most important aspect which should not be overlooked. If your grandparents are currently using Desktop PC which most of the elderly people do, then it is better to replace it with another Desktop PC instead of a latest laptop or convertible hybrid devices.

If they are used to of using keyboard and mouse then you should stick to it because at this age people get frustrated while learning new technology. With so many new features and intuitive touchscreens laptops and tablets look more confusing to elderly people. The best thing is to stick to a simple and standard computer.

Comfort on top of everything

Comfort and convenience should be the biggest priority while buying a new device for aged people, so a computer’s ergonomics should be carefully examined before buying. For elderly people comfortable experience is as essential as some of the basic specs. Buying a monitor with adjustable height is the best option.

This way you can adjust it according to your ease and convenience. An inappropriate monitor may result in neck and eyes strain so buy a monitor sensibly. Some monitors are good but are not adjustable, for that kind of monitors you can buy a mounting arm which allows you to move monitor in various directions.

Choosing a familiar Operating System

Now with multiple options of operating systems, you should choose one wisely. The best thing is to choose that operating system which your grandparents are already using so they don’t have to learn new thing to work on their computer.

Anyhow Apple products are a bit more expensive than other brands so they may exceed your budget. But whether you select Windows or Mac, both have some pros and cons, none is perfect so you can choose anyone according to your budget and priorities.


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