brazilian deep wave hair
brazilian deep wave hair

People are becoming more and more concerned with the way they look. One of the ways people are showing attention to their looks is by styling and caring for their hair. For example, more people are getting body waves and deep wave hair. But there are many things people don’t know about body wave and deep wave hair, like how to take care of it.

Hair shows the signs of our lifestyle and health. You need to take care of your hair and the best way to do this is to start from the beginning. It is almost impossible to reverse the damage once it is done.

What is body wave and deep wave hair?

Body wave is an “S” shaped movement of hair. It has a 3D depth effect to the hair that results from the wavy movement. It terms a “natural wave” as it has obtained from the hair strands themselves unlike the “permanent wave” which uses chemicals. Body wave is available naturally in different textures, like Loose Deep Wave, Deep Wave, and tight Deep Wave. Loose Deep Wave is the most popular and the softest of the body waves. A Loose Deep Wave closure wig is ideal for women with long hair that want to maintain a natural look.

How to care for body wave and deep wave hair?

Body Wave and Deep Wave hair are mostly 100% virgin hair, which has doubled drawn from healthy young donors. The collected hair and cut in the same direction from the hair root, making the hair very durable and supple. Body Wave and Deep Wave hair need little or no maintenance. However, recommendations i to wash the hair as little as possible, as frequent washing can cause the hair to tangle or mat.

If your hair is just a body wave or body wave closure wig, you can wash and condition it in the same way as you do with your straight hair. If you have deep waves too, then you should wash with lukewarm water. Ensure that don’t brush your hair when it’s wet. Perhaps the only difference is that when your hair is wet, it’s better to use a leave-in conditioner and then a diffuse-in conditioner. Make sure you comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb after you have washed it.

How to maintain body wave and deep wave hair?

Brushing hair is an important part of maintaining body wave or deep wave hair. You can use a soft-bristled brush for body wave hair, and a coarse-bristled brush for deep wave hair. Comb the hair gently to remove tangles. Make sure you are brushing the hair down, not up. When brushing hair, you should always brush in the direction of the natural curl. Brushing in the opposite direction can damage the hair.

How to get rid of body wave and deep wave hair?

Body Wave hair is the closest thing to natural hair. It is made up of sets of ringlets that are now becoming increasingly popular. These curls formed from a mixture of curly and kinky hair. Deep wave hair is a whole other thing. It is created by using a wiring technique that gives the hair a curly texture. Both these types of hair are mostly used for making closure wigs human hair.


We’ve all heard of body wave hair, but deep wave hair is another story.  Deep wave hair is usually longer than body waves and has a naturally wavy texture.  

It’s important to take care of your body wave or deep wave hair, especially if it’s attached to your head. There are a few different ways to care for this kind of hair, and with practice and experience, you can learn what works best for you. In this blog, we’ve listed some of the best practices to keep your body wave or deep wave hair wigs looking great.