Multibaker is a real find for lovers of baking. With it, you can quickly and without unnecessary fuss with the oven and baking sheets to prepare cakes, waffles, sandwiches and much more. What is the difference between multi-bakers and how to choose the right one – in this article.

What is a multi-baker
The multi-baker comes from the well-known waffle iron, which appeared in the 19th century. The first waffle irons looked almost the same as modern ones – two metal plates with molds connected by a loop. There were many types of waffle irons, differing in the shape of the panels. And then someone thought of making a device with interchangeable molds, and so a multi-baker appeared.

The capabilities of the multi-baker depend on the number of removable panels. The most richly equipped models can prepare waffles, cookies, sandwiches, donuts, stuffed nuts, cake layers and grilled dishes.

But versatility is not always good. There are 40 in 1 models, but will you use all this variety? In addition, for the preparation of different dishes, different technical characteristics of the device are needed. Therefore, when choosing a multi-baker, it is advisable to decide what you are going to cook on it and select the characteristics of the device in accordance with this.

Characteristics of multibakers
Type of
Some multi-bakers have a rather narrow specialization. They may have several removable panels, but they will all be designed to cook
similar dishes.—-CertsHouse—-CertsHouse

Such a device is less versatile, but its characteristics are already optimally selected for a particular dish. You don’t have to worry that the baked goods won’t bake or burn.

A dessert bowl is a collective name for appliances designed for baking one or more similar types of desserts. It can be cupcakes, cookies, donuts or churros. The type of dessert depends on the forms on the panels, and recipes or toppings can be very different.
The hazelnut maker is designed for making stuffed nuts. A well-known and loved by all recipe – nuts with condensed milk. But the filling can be any or it may not be at all. Nuts can also be of various shapes.
Pizza maker , as the name suggests, is for making pizza. However, it can be used as an electric frying pan and cook anything – from pancakes to meatballs.
Sausage roaster allows you to cook sausages in dough, sausage patties and hot dogs.
Samsa maker allows you to speed up the baking of triangular pies. To get several dozen neat pies, it is enough to put the rolled dough on the panel, spread out the filling, cover with a second layer of dough and turn off the appliance for a while.
The tartlet maker bakes tartlet wafers, which are very convenient for organizing receptions and festive tables.
Removable panels are the main “feature” of the multi-baker, allowing him to prepare various dishes and desserts. Usually the panels are made of aluminum with a non-stick coating. In addition to versatility, removable panels make it easy to clean molds after use.


Number of panel types
The more panels, the more versatile the device. But keep in mind that versatility complicates both the appliance and cooking. For waffles, one power and cooking time is needed, for a grill, another. To cook both, you will either need to equip the device with different programs, which will increase its price, or monitor the power and cooking process yourself.

Some models with removable panels have only one panel per set. The rest you can buy additionally. And some models come without panels at all, you can use this only after buying a replacement panel.

The form
Each panel can have its own shape, which determines the type of dish being prepared.

Belgian and Viennese waffles with a characteristic embossed surface;

Hong Kong waffles that allow you to create delicious, beautiful and original desserts;

thin waffles that can be rolled into tubes and filled with a variety of fillings;

cupcakes of various shapes and recipes;

nuts of various kinds;

ideally shaped donuts – it is impossible to get such donuts in a frying pan;

tartlets for filling with any fillings – from butter creams to salads and pates;

figurines and curly cookies;

churros – beloved by many Spanish pastries made from custard dough;

hot dogs and sausages in dough;

samsa and pies;


grilled dishes.

The higher the power, the faster the appliance panels heat up and the higher the temperature can be. Depending on the power, what dishes can be cooked in the multibaker:

Power of 500-700 W is enough for baking waffles and cookies.
Power 700–850 W is optimal for universal multi-bakers. With this power, in addition to waffles, you can bake more voluminous dishes – donuts, muffins, sandwiches, hot dogs.
With a power of 900-1200 W, the multi-baker can also be used for baking pies, grilled vegetables, sausages in dough.
More than 1200 W power allows you to create a high temperature for cooking pizza, meat and grilled fish.
Also, increased power will be required if the device has a large capacity. This applies to multi-bakers with flat tops wider than 35 cm and deep tins for large cakes and other baked goods.

The thermostat allows you to set the desired cooking temperature. For devices with low power and narrow specialization (hazelnut makers, waffle makers), a thermostat is not required. But if the multi-baker has more power, then the presence of a thermostat will allow you to set the optimal mode, both for cooking delicate waffles and steaks.

Number of departments of the finished product (pcs)
For example, nuts in different types of hazelnuts can be prepared from 12 to 30 pieces at a time. Pay attention to this parameter when choosing a device. If you have a large family and like to cook “with a margin”, it is better to choose a larger model – with a large number of compartments. And if you eat only freshly prepared, then it is better to take a more compact device with the expectation that all the cooked “leaves” at a time.


Housing material
The body of the device can be metal or plastic. The case material does not affect the ease of use and the quality of cooking, but the metal retains its marketable appearance longer. Plastic, on the other hand, scratches and becomes cloudy over time, light-colored plastics may lose color.

Multibaker options
The all-in-one baker with 2-3 interchangeable plates allows you to diversify your table with many types of pastries with minimal effort.


A model with a thermostat will allow you to choose the optimal cooking mode for each dish.

Do you like nuts with condensed milk? Then you can not do without hazel .