How To Choose French Glass Window & Sliding Windows?


Choosing the perfect windows for your home requires ample research and careful examination of various options available. The two most common options that buyers can choose from are the traditional French glass window and the contemporary sliding window. Read on to know more about the different aspects of both these types of windows that will help you make the right choice.

A Brief Overview of Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows are a perfect choice for people looking for space optimization solutions while also maintaining the cosy feel of their homes. These windows are available in various designs that spoil buyers for choice. These windows add a unique sense of style to any home besides enhancing the convenience for the users.

Installing Sliding windows

Sliding windows are suitable for installation in the living room, bedroom, or dining room to help the users enjoy an unhindered view of the outdoors. The windows offer a more spacious, open, and airy look and feel. Sliding windows are a magnificent addition to a home’s décor that enhance its value and appeal. However, one should only pick the ones that are designed and tested as per the best global standards like the ones offered by TOSTEM India.

Advantages Of Installing Sliding Windows

Here is a list of the key advantages of installing sliding windows.

  • These windows are easy to maintain as one can simply clean the glass panes with a damp cloth.
  • Sliding windows help save space and even make smaller rooms feel bigger by offering an unhindered view of the outside.
  • The windows help minimize noise thanks to the rubber seals covering the window sills. TOSTEM India’s windows are designed and tested as per JIS standards for higher sound insulation.
  • These windows can be fitted with anti-theft devices to offer additional security.

Gaining A Better Understanding of French Windows

French windows are traditionally long and narrow that can open outwards or inwards. These windows create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and enable the users to enjoy the beautiful views of their surroundings. Also, they create a sense of expansion in the space and also help to make the indoors airier and brighter.

Installing French glass windows

French glass windows are best for classic and traditional homes. They are mostly installed in the living room, but these can also be used for private spaces, such as a bedroom or bathroom. TOSTEM India is the leading provider of French aluminum windows manufactured that are designed using innovative Japanese technology.

Advantages Offered by French Glass Windows

Here is a list of top advantages of installing French glass windows: –

  • The windows let in natural light ushers, which helps to create a brighter and more positive atmosphere indoors.
  • These windows ensure better ventilation by opening up an entire wall to let the fresh air gush inside.
  • These windows come with the option of multi-point locking, which allows for more safety
  • French glass window needs minimal care and is long-lasting and easy to maintain.


Choosing the perfect window for your home is not easy as it involves many factors. Some people prefer the lush natural light that comes through the windows, while others enjoy the airflow that such windows offer. We hope that the above guide will help prospective buyers choose the right window as per their needs.