You may be wondering why on earth a woman would choose a steel male chastity device for her husband. It’s very simple. She is a smart woman!

The truth is that without male chastity, most marriages are doomed. I firmly believe that we would see divorce rates decline dramatically if all married men submitted to the male chastity lifestyle. The reason is that while women in general have lots of sexual self-control, men do not.

The only time a man is fully committed to a woman is when he’s unsure if she is sexually available to him. That’s why men are always romantic and highly sexual at the start of a relationship, but often become lazy and initiate sex less once they are married. To put it simply: To want you, he has to be denied.

Comfortable with a relationship

Beyond that, once they are comfortable with a relationship men often kill their libido by masturbating in secret. Most do this at least once a day; some as many as four or five times a day. Obviously all that sexual energy should be directed at their partner. But, instead it often goes down the shower drain.

Male chastity is the solution because it takes away their sense of control. They no longer feel you are always sexually available to them. They realize they now have to “win” you if they want the chance to make love. And, they can no longer waste time, energy and their libidos masturbating. In short, male chastity turns them from little chastity cages boys into full-grown men who take care of their women.

Now, when you decide to embrace the male chastity lifestyle, you will have to make a choice – do you want to purchase a plastic or steel male chastity device?

In general, I believe that the steel devices are far superior. They are impossible for him to get out of, and they make his beautiful enslavement seem more “real” than a plastic one that he could break out of with a pair of garden shears.

But, then you have to make another choice – do you want a steel male chastity cage, or a steel male chastity tube? The difference is striking, and there are pros and cons to both types of steel male chastity devices.

A steel male chastity cage is made of fine mesh that surrounds his penis and testicles. The advantage to this is that it allows him to wash his jewels in the shower. This is important because when he is locked in a male steel chastity cage, he will be prone to chafing and infection if he does not wash his privates regularly.

The downside is that the warm water making contact may provide him with more sexual stimulation than you are comfortable with granting him. It gives him an illusion of some sexual freedom.

That’s why many couples choose a steel male chastity tube instead. This is a sheaf that covers his entire penis, leaving just enough room at the tip for him to be able to sit down and pee.

This way he can’t get any sexual stimulation at all. The downside to this is that you will have to take him out of the tube every few days and wash him yourself. You can’t simply unlock him and tell him to wash himself in the shower, because he’ll use this time to masturbate – something you should never, ever allow!

My recommendation is to go with the tube because of the added security; but I can certainly understand that some women will not want the sensitive task of washing “willy” themselves.