How to Clean a Car With Vacuum Cleaner

If you travel a lot to work or have children and pets, then you’re aware of how difficult it is to keep your car’s interior spotless. Here are some tips for cleaning and tricks that will make your car’s interior shine again.

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Clear Trash

Before removing your vacuum and cleaning equipment, remove the apparent trash. Be sure to check the entire area. There’s probably trash on the floors, under the seats, and cracks in the seats. Throw away bottles, wrappers, toys, and other things your vacuum cannot handle.

Remove and Clean Floor Mats

Take the mats from the car and shake them as much as possible. This will make vacuuming much more straightforward. Clean them using soap and hot water as well as the foaming carpet cleaner, and let them dry thoroughly before installing them.

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Vacuum Interior Car Seats and Floors

Vacuum both the back and front seats as well as the floor and, when it is necessary, the trunk. Vacuum any vehicle area that can access the nozzle, for example, under your pedals and between the side panels of the doors.

Wipe Away Grime and Dust

After cleaning the car, get a soft towel and cleansing wipes to clean up the sticky, dirty things and dust. It is also possible to spray a small amount of specific cleaner for your car on your console and steering wheel and in the space behind the seat to revive that fresh-car appearance.

Clean Cup Holders

Cup holders are a magnet for debris, spilled coffee, dead hair, and the skin’s cells (yuck). Use an ointment-soaked cotton swab and some cleaner to clean those places. In certain cars, the whole cup holder is removed for easy cleaning.


Clean Interior Windows

Spray the window cleaner solution onto the windows and then wipe them clean using paper towels or a microfiber cloth. Mix one cup of water, two tablespoons of vinegar, and one cup of rubbing alcohol to make a powerful DIY window cleaner. Here are our top picks for your car’s most effective ten window cleaners.

Remove Stains

Make this home remedy if you notice staining on your seats or the carpet (and we can guarantee that there will be, particularly with kids!). Spray bottle, mix two cups of water, 1 cup of vinegar, and about one tablespoon of dish soap. Spray the stain and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. After that, wipe them clean using the help of a damp cloth. If the paint is still there, you can try a product such as Spot Shot or Resolve. Do a spot-test in a non-glaring space to verify that you are sure that the material is colorfast.

Remove Pet Hair

You know the agony of having pet hair in your car if you’re a pet owner. If the vacuum can’t remove all hair, Try the rubber-dipped glove. Brush the hair using your hands, and it will stick to the glove just like magic! To safeguard your car’s interior from future injuries from pets, you can use an abrasion-resistant seat protector that is waterproof like this.

Get Into Crevices

Take a paint stirrer or two the next time you’re in your local hardware shop. Cover the end of one with the help of cotton cloth and then use the stick to access those difficult-to-access areas behind the seat or around the middle console.

Make a Homemade Car Freshener

Make your DIY car scent using one cup of baking soda and five drops of preferred essential oil. Put the oil and the soda in a sealable plastic bag or glass jar for up to 24 hours. Shake it, then sprinkle it onto the floor of the car, and allow it to rest in the car for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes have passed, clean off the baking soda. The scent will last, leaving your car smelling fresh and tidy!


Knowing how to clean your vacuum cleaner correctly can help the device operate more efficiently and prolong its lifespan. Inspect the filters, the bin, and the dust bag for any buildup that may be present while you’re doing it.

All your cleaning equipment is together before beginning cleaning to prepare for your job. This procedure takes only about 45 minutes but can extend your vacuum’s lifespan for several years.