How to Connect Your Laptop to Your PS4s


Connecting your laptop to your PS4 can make playing games more fun, but it can also help you solve certain problems when playing specific games on your laptop. Here’s how to connect your laptop to your PS4 and what to do if it doesn’t work right away!


Get the right cables

You’ll need two cables for connecting your laptop to your PS4. First, you’ll need a Digital AV Adapter. You can purchase one from Amazon for about $19.99 (or even cheaper on eBay). The other cable you’ll need is an HDMI cable. Any HDMI cable should work; however, Sony recommends a High Speed HDMI Cable for its best performance with your system and console.


Change your settings on the laptop

Most new laptops allow you to connect to other devices through a wifi hotspot. However, if you’re using an older laptop that doesn’t have a dedicated hotspot feature, you can still set up your laptop as a Wi-Fi hot spot. All you need is your internet provider login credentials. If you don’t know them off hand, contact your ISP and they should be able to help. If you are a video editor and you know , how to do 3d animate video, so you should have  Best laptop for 3d animation .



Download Remote Play app from PlayStation Store

PS4 owners who want to play games on their PC, Mac or smartphone should download and install a free application called Remote Play. This application allows users to wirelessly connect their PlayStation 4 controller, through their home Wi-Fi network, with their computer or mobile device. Users can then play select PS4 games from their computer screen instead of from a television screen.


Select Remote Play

Sony has a remote play app for Windows and Mac that lets you stream games from your PlayStation 4. After installing and running Remote Play, all you have to do is select Allow Remote Play on your PlayStation 4, then search for available devices with Remote Play enabled. If your PC or Mac is on, it should show up in that list. You can stream over Wi-Fi or a wired connection—it doesn’t matter which you choose as long as both devices are connected to internet services. Once that’s done, go ahead and navigate to Settings on your PS4 and click Set Up Remote Play Connection at the bottom of your menu options.


Find Your Connection Settings

Chances are your laptop is pretty modern, and if it’s relatively new it has a wireless adapter that connects to most wireless networks. However, if you want to connect wirelessly with your laptop using a PlayStation 4, you need certain information from your Internet service provider (ISP). You also need your current IP address, which you can find by doing an Internet search for my IP. Write down or jot down both of these pieces of information. You’ll enter them into your laptop in just a moment. Once that’s done, plug an Ethernet cable into one of your laptop’s USB ports—it should be fine either way, but chances are better if you use USB 2.0 rather than 3.0.


Try It Out!

In order to connect your laptop to your PlayStation 4 console, you’ll need: 1) A wireless 802.11b/g/n router; 2) Ethernet cable (if your router isn’t wireless); 3) An HDMI cable (unless you use WirelessHD or WiDi technology). Then, connect each device as follows: Plug one end of an HDMI cable into your laptop, and plug the other end into your PlayStation 4.


Troubleshooting Tips

The first thing you’ll want to try is resetting your router. Some WiFi routers have an on/off switch; others require you to unplug them and wait a few seconds before plugging them back in. If that doesn’t work, check your WiFi settings and ensure that they match up with those on your laptop. This means verifying that both devices are set up on either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz WiFi networks and not GbE connections or other types of wired connections.