You can also import your Portable Document Format data into Excel in several ways. The problem is that most of them fall short, leaving you with the task of cleaning up the mess you initially intended to prevent.

You can manually input the data from the PDF into Excel. This is feasible when you only need to extract a small data collection. However, the process becomes complicated and time-consuming if you deal with a PDF over 100 pages long and with numerous tables. The same is true when pasting the data into Excel via copying and pasting.

A free application to convert your Portable Document Format to Excel would be the more straightforward approach, and any tools are available that can do the task. The catch here is that most tools force you to wait before you can convert the document or only allow you to convert a certain amount of files. So the best option is to utilize a powerful desktop PDF-to-Excel converter that enables you to perform more complex conversion activities than are typically possible with PDF and Excel file formats.

The ways to work with PDF, Excel, and other file types using iTop PDF are demonstrated here.

How To Use iTop PDF To Convert A PDF To Excel

  • Download and install iTop PDF on your computer, click Open PDF to open the PDF file to be operated in iTop PDF.
  • Then click Convert and choose PDF to Excel.
  • After selecting the save path, click Convert to Excel, and your PDF file will be successfully converted into an Excel file within seconds.

Although they are difficult to change, PDF files help provide documents in a standard format that is identical regardless of the hardware or software you use to read them. The simplest way to alter data in a spreadsheet that is in PDF format is frequently to convert the spreadsheet to Excel.

Although there isn’t a one-click method to convert a PDF to Excel format inside Excel, it is pretty simple to do if you have iTop PDF. Additionally, if you use Microsoft Office, there is also a straightforward approach to converting PDF to Excel.


How To Use Microsoft Office To Convert A PDF To Excel

Microsoft Word and Excel are required to convert a PDF using Office.

  • Locate the PDF on your system. Do not open the PDF; instead, open the file folder.
  • Click Open from the pop-up menu when you right-click the Portable Document Format.
  • Press Word. If Word isn’t there, click Choose another app, choose another app from the pop-up menu by clicking More apps, scrolling until Word appears, and then click OK.
  • A word should launch immediately, but a dialog window will appear and request your approval to convert the PDF to Word.
  • Select OK.
  • The size and complexity of the PDF file will determine how long it takes for this process to finish.
  • Click File and then Save As in Word.
  • Use the Save As a window to save the file also as a Web Page (*.htm, *.html). You’ll need to locate the file again shortly, so make a note where you save it.
  • Launch Excel.
  • Select the webpage version of the document you just saved by clicking File, then Open.


Compared with using Microsoft Office, using iTop PDF to convert PDF files to Excel files is much simpler. if you need to convert between PDF, Excel, Word and other file formats, iTop PDF will be your best assistant.