Alexandria, VA is home to the Potomac River and two of its tributaries, so it’s no wonder that water sports are so popular here. Boating and water skiing are not only some of the most fun things you can do in Alexandria, but they can also get dirty quickly! Keep your boat or RV looking and feeling new with these tips on how to detail your boat detailing Alexandria VA.

Decide What Type of Detailing You Need

If you want your boat detailed and looking like new, there are a few choices you’ll need to make before the detailing process begins. These include what type of detailing you want and who will be handling the job.

If you want your boat detailed by professionals, either through a mobile service or at a shop, then it’s likely that all types of detailing services will be available to you. If this is your preference, then it’s time to find a detailer near Alexandria VA who can handle the job for you. On the other hand, if you’re feeling confident enough about taking on the project yourself (or with someone else), then only do-it-yourself resources will be necessary for getting started.

Find a reputable detailer

When you’re looking for the best boat detailers Alexandria VA has to offer, it’s important that you know what questions to ask. With some basic information about your boat and its needs and a list of questions for prospective detailers, finding someone who can do the job right is much easier.After asking about experience levels and desired results, find out if the company offers other services such as boat maintenance. They may be able to recommend products that are best for your type of boat and give advice on how often you should use them.

Get an estimate

A boat detailer will clean the outside and inside of your boat. You don’t have to do it yourself unless you’re really handy with a scrub brush. But if you’re not, here’s what a detailer will do for you: They’ll RV detailing Alexandria VA the exterior of your boat. This gets rid of dirt and salt stains from the ocean air. They’ll polish any metal that needs it with an appropriate metal polish (brass, stainless steel).  They’ll scrub away mildew and algae from the hull and deck.  They’ll clean all windows on both sides of your boat. They’ll wash the cushions on your boat’s seats.

Prepare your boat or RV for the detailer

Your boat needs some TLC before you take it to the detailer. The first thing you want to do is make sure your boat has been washed and waxed. If you have a boat cover on it, remove it so the detailer can see how dirty your boat really is. Next, clean off all of the barnacles from your boat with an old toothbrush and dish detergent. Lastly, get out any stains on your seats by using carpet cleaner with bleach.