How To Extend Your Visitor Visa 600 In Australia?

600 Visa Extension
600 Visa Extension

Do you want to extend your staying period in Australia? It is common to see tourists extending their stay period in the country. To do so, you will need a 600 Visa Extension when Subclass 600 is about to get over. Based on your circumstances, you can extend the travel period to six, three, or twelve months. It allows you to reside for a limited period in the country as a sightseer and not for employment purposes. Here are more details about it, other visas that you can consider for extension, the eligibility criteria, and the benefits of choosing an immigration consultant. 


Other Visas 

The good news is several other visas are also there that you can consider applying for, like an eVisitor Subclass 651 or a Bridging Visa. When you plan to extend your stay period, you have to lodge a new visa. 


No Further Stay Condition 

When in the country, you can apply for a Visitor Visa 600 extension unless no 8503-condition has been imposed. It is also named “no further stay condition,” and you need to have a passport held from the list of countries mentioned on the immigration site. Condition 8503 is a visa condition preventing aspirants from getting an extension further. It is imposed at the discretion of the individual case officer, or at times, it becomes necessary. 


The New Visa Processing 

When you decide to reside further in the country even after your visa expires, a piece of advice is to apply at least three weeks before the last date approaches. The processing time can take around 10 to 30 days, and if the application form does not get accepted, you have to leave the country. 


Eligibility Criteria For Visitor Visa 600 Extension 

A set of pointers are there that you have to attain while applying for a Tourist Visa Extension. Remember that you must always stick to the criteria without fail; otherwise, the application form will get rejected. When you are applying, you should be in Australia and stay there until a decision has been made. Now the eligibility criteria are:

  • Health and character requirements: A specific set of health and character requirements is there, which everyone has to attain when applying for the extension visa. The Australian Immigration experts check for minute details and can put your visa on hold or reject it. It happens when all the things are not included as said. Sometimes, they may ask for further documents, which you will inform them through the immigration website. To make sure that you do not miss it, you have to check it often.
  • Have enough funds: When you decide to stay some more time with your family and apply for a Visitor Visa 600 Extension, you should have enough money for that. Without that, how can you survive in the country? If you wish to know about the minimal expenses one will require, you can ask the visa consultant in Perth. They can give a quick estimation about the same.
  • Be a genuine visitor: Even though you wanted to stay for some more time in the country, you will leave after the visa expires. Also, you must do things that you are supposed to do. Doing other things that you are not allowed to can put you in danger.
  • Best interests of children: Remember the visa won’t be granted to you if it is not in the best interest of children below 18 years. All minute details are checked, so you have to be careful while filling the form. 

Is Extending Your Visa A Necessity?

Extending your Tourist Visa 600 is a personal choice. You can go for this process when your present visa is about to expire within a few weeks or days. The reasons why people apply for an extension are:

  • Explore the country: Some people wish to spend some more time travelling across the country. In this instance, they will need a valid visa, and without that, they cannot do so. Once they obtain the visa, they can travel freely without facing any restrictions.
  • Spend some time with your family: If you want to spend some time with your family or friends, you can do so after obtaining the visa. Many people have applied for the extension as they do not wish to leave the country after coming here. If you are one of them, a Visa 600 extension is an ideal choice for you.
  • Have some pending work: If there is any pending work or some meetings that you have to attend scheduled after your stay, you can apply for an extension. In that way, you can attend the meeting and then come back to your own country.  


Who Can Help You In The Visa Application Process? 

Now the question is whether anyone can help you in the visa application process when you apply for the extension. The answer is yes, and it is the visa consultant Perth who can guide you in attaining all aspects. Let’s see what they do. 

  • Guidance in how to start: Every visa has a unique process and a list of aspects that everyone may not know. It is so big that you can easily forget one point, which is the main reason for rejecting the visa application form. The role of a visa 600 consultant is to ensure that every criterion is attained. They will help in understanding the accurate score which you need to obtain the visa.
  • Resolving complicated issues: If any issue pops up, they can easily find a solution to it. Since you are applying for the first time, you can easily get stuck and probably do not know how to find a way. But when hiring consultants, you do not have to think about all these matters. Most times, you will not come across any problem, and if you face one, they will solve it at the earliest.
  • Verified process and documentation: Do you know a single mismatch in documents can cancel your application form? Many times, it has happened that people have submitted mismatched documents due to which this has happened. Australian authorities do not skip a single thing, so you must verify all details before submitting. The professionals thoroughly check all requirements before submitting, which will help in avoiding rejections.
  • Well-presented and well-prepared applications: The most crucial benefit of hiring a migration agent in Perth is submitting well-presented and well-prepared applications. Immigration agents are experts in preparing the visa forms, which adds another reason to hire them. They can be helpful during the entire Australian immigration process till you get your visa.
  • Efficient follow-ups: After submitting, the authorities might ask you to submit some more documents to inform them through the immigration platform. Even if they do not, you must have efficient follow-ups. With that, you will get to know when your visa gets sanctioned. 

The Ending Note 

With all the requirements, you can go ahead and apply for Visitor Visa 600 Extension. By hiring a certified and licensed Migration Agent Perth, you do not need to stress the process. They have assisted many people and filled several application forms previously, and are well-aware of all things. It’s time to look for an efficient expert and appoint one.